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First Sany STC500BEV put to work in AUD$600m project

The Sany STC500BEV works on the Changsha Bridge in China.

Chinese construction equipment company Sany has reaffirmed its commitment to a sustainable construction industry by putting the first ever 50-tonne electric-driven crane into action.

The Sany STC500BEV is operating on the Changsha Xianglu Island Bridge project for Changsha Hongxiang Crane & Rigging company, an AUD$587 million construction designed to accommodate vessels of over 3000 tonnes and reaching a height of 202 metres above sea level.

Operating among a range of diesel-powered machines, Sany’s 50-tonne electric crane offers a point of difference in its lack of noise pollution thanks to its battery. Additionally, the zero-emission crane is capable of working over two shifts on electric charge only and supports external power cabinet plug-in operations, with crane operator She Wenxin impressed by the machine’s performance.

The Sany STC500BEV works on the Changsha Bridge in China.
The 50-tonne truck crane is entirely reliant on electricity for its operations.

“The Sany STC500BEV primarily handles steel structure installations, loadings, and unloadings. It operates as smoothly as conventional fuel cranes, but with almost silent operations, making the working environment much more comfortable,” She said. “Compared to fuel-based cranes on this project that spend 3000 yuan (AUD$649) in fuel every 10 days, the electric crane costs less than 800 yuan (AUD$173), and a full charge lasts 3-4 days.”

The STC500BEV is completely reliant on electricity as its power source, meaning less maintenance of the machine is required as it does not need urea or engine maintenance, resulting in reduced operational costs.

“The construction team loves this crane, offering free charging facilities,” said She. “Its emission-free operations are a major highlight of the project’s push towards green construction.”

The news comes as Australian dealer Tutt Bryant has just imported the first Sany ‘battery electric’ crawler crane to Australia’s shores.

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