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First of Borger’s Kobelco cranes arrives

The first of Borger's Kobelco cranes have arrived in NSW at the Baden Davis Crane Connection's yard.

The first of Borger’s Kobelco CKS2500s, a 250t capacity crawler, recently arrived in the Baden Davis Crane Connection yard. This is first of four Kobelco CKS2500s and two CKE1800, 180t capacity crawlers to arrive.

Shawn Borger, General Manager at Borger Crane Hire explains how the new Kobelcos are a key investment in the continual renewal of Borger Crane Hire and Rigging’s fleet. 

“Maintaining a modern fleet featuring the latest technology has always been a major focus for the business,” said Shawn.

“Increasingly we are working with Tier One builders on the major infrastructure projects in Sydney and Brisbane and the new Kobelcos are ideal for projects like the Sydney Gateway, Sydney Metro Tunnelling and the Western Sydney Airport Station works and projects we have in Brisbane. 

“They add to our ability to supply complete crane packages which enable our clients to program their works more effectively. We have always been impressed with the Kobelco brand. Their cranes are based on traditional Japanese design, engineering and engineering values which lead to a reliable and simple to use crane well suited to Australian conditions,” said Shawn.

The CKS2500 has a maximum lifting capacity of 250 tonnes and a long boom length of 91.4m. This model is part of the S series from Kobelco. The S series consists of crawler cranes with lifting capacities ranging from 60t to 250t. The S series is designed, upgraded and improved from the customer’s point of view with safety, reliability and efficient operations in mind.

The design of the CKS2500 is based on end-user feedback and real jobsite experiences. The design makes the model “transportation friendly,” “assembly friendly” and “operator friendly.” All are essential to ensure the satisfaction of owners and operators. The features of Kobelco’s S Series are consistent with these key concepts.

Operator support system & comfortable operator cabin

The new safety support device is an optional item. The counterweight amount detection device always tells the correct amount of the counterweight. The swing angle detection device prevents over-swinging. The ground level sensor prevents operations on uneven ground. Machine status is displayed on a new wide monitor in a newly designed operator cabin. The new luxurious cabin enhances comfortable operation.

Vertical cylinders for counterweight self-installation (80 tonnes to 110 tonnes *)

The new models have an improved counterweight self-installation mechanism. Counterweights can be stacked up on the ground and installed on the machine by vertical cylinders. Safety and work efficiency have been greatly improved.

(* Counterweights of 80 tonnes and 90 tonnes are optional specifications.)

New hydraulic circuit; Dual pump flow: Single pump flow

The new models can be adapted for both bucket and lifting applications. The hydraulic circuit can be set to dual-pump flow or single-pump flow, so that the circuit can be perfectly adequate for both applications. The newly designed circuit can be switched to choose the best circuit for the job application.

The Kobelco CKE1800 features a maximum lifting capacity of 180t and a maximum long boom length 85.3m.

The crawler is powered by a Hino diesel engine P11C-UN which is water-cooled, direct fuel injection, with turbocharger and complies with NRMM (Europe) Tier III and USA EPA Tier III. 

Four variable displacement piston pumps are driven by a heavy-duty pump drive. Two variable displacement pumps are used in the main hook hoist circuit, auxiliary hook hoist circuit, third hoist circuit and each propel circuit. One of the other two pumps is used in the boom hoist circuit, and the other is used in the swing circuit. 

The Kobelco CKE offers full-flow hydraulic control system for infinitely variable pressure to front and rear drums, boom hoist brakes and clutches. Controls respond instantly to the touch, delivering smooth function operation.

The boom hoist system is powered by a hydraulic motor through a planetary reducer and the brake is a spring-set, hydraulically released multiple-disc brake which is mounted on the boom hoist motor and operated through a counter-balance valve. The load hoist system features front and rear drums for load hoist powered by a hydraulic variable plunger motor, driven through planetary reducers. A spring-set hydraulically released multiple- disc brake is mounted on the hoist motor and operated through a counter-balance valve. 

The Swing system is powered by hydraulic motor driving spur gears through planetary reducers (two sets), and the swing system provides 360 degree rotation.

The first of Borger's Kobelco cranes have arrived in NSW at the Baden Davis Crane Connection's yard.
The design of the CKS2500 is based on end-user feedback and real jobsite experiences.

The upper structure features a torsion-free precision machined upper frame. Additionally, all components are located clearly and service friendly. 

The full vision cab features safety glass, a fully adjustable, high backed seat with a head-rest and armrests and an intermittent wiper and window washer (skylight and front window) as well as four adjustable levers for front drum, rear drum, boom drum and swing controls and boom hoist pedal. 

The lower structure is a steel-welded carbody with axles. Crawler assemblies are designed with a quick disconnect feature for individual removal as a unit from the axles. Belt tension is maintained by hydraulic jack force on the track-adjusting bearing block, and the carbody weight is 20 tonnes.

Independent hydraulic propel drive is built into each crawler side frame. Each drive consists of a hydraulic motor propelling a driving tumbler through a planetary gearbox. A hydraulic motor and gear box are built into the crawler side frame within the shoe width and spring-set, hydraulically released parking brakes are built into each propel drive. A hydraulic propel system provides both skid steering (driving one track only) and counter-rotating steering (driving each track in opposite directions). The track rollers are sealed for maintenance-free operation. 

Borger Crane Hire and Rigging Services continues to invest in the fleet, said Shawn.

 “Our continued investment in today’s crane technology is critical to our business. By investing in the latest technology, we are able to provide our clients with a complete package of cranage options. This investment strategy, including these new Kobelcos, ensures we have the solution whatever the application. We see this as absolutely critical for our clients.

“We invest in the latest and safest cranes for the benefit of our employees. Our operators and operational crews love the new equipment and always look after the gear as if it was their own. Our investment strategy also helps to attract new staff and retain existing crews. With the new technology our crews are confident of completing the task safely because new equipment minimises breakdowns, eliminating the frustrations of not finishing the job on time. Wherever possible, our crews take pride in delivering our projects on time and in full,” said Shawn.

 Borger Crane Hire and The Baden Davis Crane Connection have a long and rich relationship which is based on much more than business, said Shawn.

“Ben and Anthony are extremely knowledgeable, what they don’t know about cranes isn’t worth knowing. It’s always reassuring when you buy a crane, you know the support and back up is going to be there. We know this will absolutely be the case with The Baden Davis Crane Connection and TRT Australia supporting the Kobelco product,” said Shawn. 


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