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First Liebherr LR12500 crawler crane ordered in APAC region

Liebherr has delivered a brand new LR12500 crawler crane to Japanese heavy lifting company, Denzai.

The first Liebherr LR12500 crawler crane is set to land in the APAC region, with Japanese company, Denzai, purchasing the 2500-tonne machine.

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Set to be shipped from Germany in July this year, the Japanese engineered heavy lifting and specialised transport company intend to immediately deploy the crane at S-Oil’s Shaheen Project in Ulsan, South Korea, an under-construction petrochemical facility that, upon completion, is expected to produce up to 3.2 million tonnes of petrochemicals per year. Upon completion of its scope of work at the project, Denzai anticipate the crane will be used predominantly in offshore wind construction, helping to assemble offshore wind components in a manner complicit with Japanese wharves.

“The working radius of the cranes is expected to be larger than in Europe, because some Japanese ports have less strong wharves than those in Europe, and the cranes must be installed further away from the wharves,” said a press release from Denzai. “Furthermore, if the nacelle weight exceeds 800 tonnes, it will be impossible to lift the nacelle at the far side of the vessel with a single 1350-tonne crane, and we estimate that two 1350-tonne cranes will be required.

“On the other hand, the LR12500 to be introduced this time can lift up to 951 tonnes with a working radius of 48m, thus satisfying the requirement with only one crane.”

The monstrosity that is the Liebherr LR12500 crawler crane possesses a maximum load capacity of 2500 tonnes at a radius of 10m, a maximum hoisting height of 200m, and a maximum operating radius of 168m. Furthermore, the crane possesses the ability to hold 320 tonnes of counterweight at its superstructure, 100 tonnes of central ballast, and a derrick boom of 54m that works in tandem with a derrick ballast of 1400 tonnes.

According to Liebherr, the LR12500 crawler crane possesses a concept called “HighPerformance” boom – a feature derived from a modernised slewing platform and main boom system to provide the crane with a “uniquely wide main boom” that gives the crane the stability of a PowerBoom. This “HighPerformance” boom gives the crane the power and stability of a “PowerBoom” while also reducing its weight, resulting in the high lifting capacities of the powerful 2,500-tonne machine. For Liebherr, the key attribute of the “HighPerformance” boom is the fact that the forces are transferred in the full width to the slewing platform.

The crane was predominantly designed for the loading of heavyweight goods such as offshore wind power components at ports or for industrial applications – both settings Denzai is set to utilise its latest asset.

Following its introduction to the crane market in April 2022, the crane recently won the Innovation Award at Heavy Lift Awards in 2023. The jury awarded the Liebherr the award for the LR12500-1.0, a machine it described as a “master of innovation” for combining several concepts into one solution, including the “HighPerformance” boom.

However, the high power of the crane’s boom is not the only feature that singled the crane out for the Innovation Award, with Liebherr’s ‘fold-up’ transport solution taking the German manufacturer clear from the rest of the field. Requiring a “sophisticated mechanism” to fold the ten-metre boom sections for economical transport, the sections can then be unfolded and assembled on site using a special device that stabilises the lattice type sections during the assembly process.

The first Liebherr LR12500 was received by Sarens back in 2023, where it undertook lifting tasks for monopiles in Rostock.

Denzai is a global engineered heavy lifting and specialised transport company based in Japan.


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