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First ever custom-built Grove crane arrives in Barbados

Barbados-based crane hire company Crane & Equipment has taken delivery of the first custom-built Grove crane.

Barbados-based company Crane & Equipment has taken delivery of the first ever custom-built Grove crane in the Caribbean, the GMK6450-1.

Operating out of Bridgetown, the company made the decision to acquire its newest custom-built Grove crane to expand its operations on various construction sites across the island, especially those pertaining to the energy and infrastructure industries. According to owner of Crane & Equipment, James Bradshaw, the company was “very excited” to add “such an impressive crane” to the Barbados business’ fleet.

We have built a reputation of providing top-of-the-line equipment to our customers in Barbados,” he said, “and this new Grove will help us reinforce the highest standards of our services.”

The GMK6450-1 – the first custom-built Grove crane in the Caribbean – possesses the same design as its GMK6400-1 counterpart, but with an increased capacity of 450 tonnes, making it the strongest heavy-duty six-axle crane on the market. The crane possesses a 60m-long-main telescopic boom, which can be extended with a range of different jib and fly-jib combinations to reach a maximum hook height of 136m. Thanks to its hook height and lifting capacity, the GMK6450-1 is able to take on lifting applications that would normally require a seven or eight axle machine, presenting a more roadable machine with similar lifting power.

The technological features on the machine include the self-rigging MegaWingLift, which takes under 20 minutes to assemble, further enhancing the crane’s lifting capabilities. Also included is an upgraded computer control system that, according to Manitowoc, optimises performance and boosts operations to a “whole new level”. On top of the CCS and the MegaWingLift, the crane features MaxBase – Manitowoc’s variable outrigger positioning system – which can also increase the capacities of the GMK6450-1’s main boom.

Crane & Equipment’s custom-built Grove crane becomes the third Grove machine in its fleet. Conceived over 50 years ago, the company provides 24-hour crane rental service, container sales, rentals and storage, a transport division, and wrecker recovery service.


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