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“Extremely versatile all-rounder” purchased by German company

Weiland has purchased a new Tadano all-terrain crane

German crane hire company, Weiland, has taken delivery of a new Tadano AC 5.160-1 all-terrain crane to reinforce its fleet.

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Purchasing the crane to perform in a range of different jobs, Tadano equipped the machine with a specific counterweight configuration that allows Weiland to use the five-axle machine as a taxi crane with a counterweight of 8.5 tonnes while staying under the 12-tonne axle load limit. According to directors of Weiland, Volker and Sebastian Degenhardt, the crane’s cost-effectiveness, versatility, and compact design made the machine the ideal choice.

“That will allow us to use the crane as an extremely versatile all-rounder for a wide range of jobs throughout the entire Rhine-Neckar region,” the directors said in a joint statement.

On top of its high lifting capacities and compact design, the crane comes with Tadano’s innovative IC-1 Plus crane control system. According to Tadano, IC-1 Plus increases a crane’s flexibility through live determination of crane capacities depending on superstructure and slewing angle, allows multiple asymmetric outrigger setups for works in confined spaces and, through its “efficient and intuitive” touchscreen operation, stores a diverse range of load charts. For Weiland, the IC-1 Plus system – a standard feature on all machines – was one of the major selling points, saying it enhanced the crane’s cost-effectiveness.

“It makes it extremely easy and intuitive to operate the crane,” said the directors, “meaning that we can get any trained operator on the AC 5.160-1 and they’ll be ready to get to work right away.”

The German-based crane hire company’s 160-tonne all-terrain crane will expand the company’s Tadano fleet that also contains an AC 2.040-1, an AC 3.060-1, an ATF70G-4, and an ATF220G-5, with an additional AC 5.160-1 on the way.


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