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Expanding the fleet with the new Sennebogen

All Terrain Services expands its mini crane capabilities with the purchase of a new Sennebogen telescopic crawler.

All Terrain Services expands its mini crane capabilities with the purchase of a new Sennebogen telescopic crawler.

All Terrain Services is a family owned and run company based in Perth, Western Australia (WA), providing a vast array of specialised, high standard and high-quality equipment to various industry sectors including construction, mining and agriculture.

According to general manager Todd Jackson, the business is significantly growing its mini crane capabilities.

“We specialise primarily in telescopic handlers, rough terrain forklifts and mini cranes; these are our three core markets,” he said. “At the moment, we are significantly growing our mini crane range and that’s the reason for the purchase of the new Sennebogen.”

All Terrain Services has recently taken delivery of a new Sennebogen 613E telescopic crawler crane. Although there are numerous Sennebogen cranes operating within the Australian market, this is one of the first of the new 613E series. The crane is far more compact than the original D series. The 2.5m transport width provides 24-hour road travel in most states. The crane has a capacity of 15t and is fitted with an 18.8m telescopic boom, 5m fly boom, elevating cabin and rubber track pads.

Jackson explained a bit more about the fleet at All Terrain Services.

“The mini crane fleet comprises mainly mini crawler and spider cranes from the renowned Japanese manufacturer Maeda. We are now extending our range by introducing Sennebogen telescopic crawler cranes which will enable us to offer greater capacities ranging from 15t up to 130t in the telescopic crawler category,” he said.

“Demand for these machines is coming from a whole range of applications, including infrastructure construction projects such as road, rail, bridge and tunnel projects – which are starting to utilise mini crawler cranes to their advantage – as well as maritime construction, mining, demolition and civil construction projects. This demand is due to a greater focus on safety and efficiency within the workplace and projects becoming more congested and technically difficult in their construction. This involves a lot of fine movement work where the bigger mobile and tower cranes are less practical.”

There are a number of new features in the new Sennebogen MultiCab including, as standard, its ability to be hydraulically elevated to 1.75m. The cab also features “super sound” insulation, all-round glazing in safety glass and a large hood window and adjustable windshield. The cab is also fitted with a flexibly mounted adjustable seat, dashboard overview and automatic climate control.

“We find there’s much clearer communication, visibility and an increase in safety and efficiency using a small mini crawler cranes as opposed to a big mobile crane particularly on modern congested projects. We’re finding it a lot more practical with the mini cranes and we’re increasing safety and efficiency to our customers by using them,” said Jackson.

“We’ve had Maeda spider cranes in our fleet for around 10 years but the relationship with the Sennebogen product is new. We’re expanding from the small mini crawler and spider crane range offered by Maeda, to the middle of the range and larger capacity machines that Sennebogen offer.”

Everything about the 613 E’s undercarriage and drive system is built to cope with tough operating conditions. The undercarriage of the 613 E series features a torsion-resistant box design, precision-crafted, steel bushings for boom bearings and strong, and a hydraulically telescoping crawler undercarriage with an integrated protected drive transmission.

The strong drive system features a two-stage variable displacement hydraulic motor with direct-mounted, automatically actuated brake valve and compact planetary gear on each running gear side, a spring-loaded disc parking brake, maintenance-free tractor running gear with hydraulic chain tension, and 600mm 3-grouser base plates.

The 18.8m telescopic boom features hydraulic telescoping and the hoisting winch includes a Slant-Axis hydraulic motor drive with compact planetary gear, 35kN traction, 0-95/min cable speed and 14mm cable diameter.

The 613 E boasts a “next-generation” load monitoring panel displaying all the important data via the SENCON display and safety features including a lifting limit switch, cable exit protection, pressure relief valves and a pipe fracture safety device.

The engine is a powerful FPT N45, 92kW/125hp at 2,200 rpm.

According to Jackson, All Terrain Services took delivery of the 613 E in mid-May.

“We recently took delivery and commissioned the Sennebogen 613E mini crawler crane and we also went through an extensive process of operator and technical familiarisation training. We focus on providing a professional service in everything we do, and we want to ensure we are knowledgeable and intimate with our machines” he said.

“It is a slightly different approach to a typical hire company who generally focus on volume and utilisation, but we try to be really specialised with our machines, hence our focus on training during the commissioning. We want to ensure everyone involved from our operators to our technicians completely understand the features of the crane before we put it out to work. This is only the second machine in the country and the first in WA, so there’s quite a bit of interest in the crane.”

“We have a good relationship with Pace Cranes. They have a similar attitude to business as us, they are very focused on service and support and the reputation of their machines. We receive exceptional service and support, and this has been a considerable factor in the reasoning behind the purchase of the first of our new Sennebogen range. We have that existing relationship, we know we can trust the support and service from Pace Cranes and that gave us the confidence in taking on the Sennebogen product,” said Jackson.

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