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European companies combine for new Glassworker

European lifting specialists Uplifter and German company Kassecker Stahl und Metallbau have collaborated to produce the Uplifter Glassworker 2.0.

A 2-in-1 combination device targeting both production and construction sites, the Glassworker 2.0 was designed to lift and transport window and door elements and frames without glazing.

Both the development and construction departments of Uplifter and Kassecker Stahl together through the design process and, after a refining process, resulted in a frame solution being built for the Uplift Glassworker.

The machine’s design is two-fold: firstly, the basis of it is a fully equipped Uplift Glassworker GW625 featuring vacuum cross and a load capacity of up to 625kg. Secondly, the frame solution added on holds a maximum load capacity of up to 400kg for manoeuvring elements that are up to 4 metres in width and 3.5 metres in height.

According to Uplifter, this has resulted in a “fully functional and universally applicable development” that allows elements without glazing to be “lifted and transported safely for the first time”.

The machine excels on the construction site during window installation and allows for a simplified production process for employees. One of its main strengths is its manipulator; based at the head of the glassworker, it enables rotation, lateral movement, tilting and swivelling, allowing for damage-free assemblies – particularly with sensitive surfaces.

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