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Elevating work platforms with “big increases” in safety and efficiency

The Zoomlion elevating work platforms range offered by United Heavy Industries.

Elevating work platforms, whether they’re scissor or boom lifts, are huge time savers and offer big increases in worker safety and efficiency, such as Zoomlion’s ZA14NJE-Li and ZS1012AC-Li, distributed across Australia by United Heavy Industries.

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Zoomlion ZA14NJE-LI

The Zoomlion EWP range is fairly new to Australia. Both machines comply with the CE/ ANSI/CSA Standards and being lithium-ion powered means both machines look very tidy. There are no protruding fuel fillers or exhausts, and all the cabling and hydraulics are routed to be out of sight and put of harm’s way.

The main features of the ZA14NJE-LI include a centre layout, unparalleled structural rigidity, and minimal boom deflection, advanced dual control system combining valve control and pump control delivers energy-saving, smooth and precise performance, and independent auxiliary power system providing an extra layer of assurance for applications. Additionally, the ZA14NJE-Li features a high-capacity, lithium-ion battery with five-year warranty and eight-year lifespan guarantees maintenance-free for its whole life cycle, a standard charger providing for a short charging time of just seven hours, and an accurate and efficient traveling AC drive system delivering robust power and stable control and maintenance-free experience.

ZS1012AC-LI electric scissor lift

A lot of the positive features in the boom lift also applied to the scissor lift. According to United Heavy Industries, the ZS1012AC-Li electric scissor lift is a good-looking outfit with no pipes, tubes or cables hanging out anywhere, with its image enhanced by its compliance with the CE/ANSI/ CSA Standards.

The main features of the scissor lift include a 10m platform height, an 11.8m work height, 350kg platform capacity, and a 30Ah li-ion battery, 24v/3.3kw. Additionally, the lift features an AC system offering higher working efficiency, is IP67-rated waterproof protection on AC wheel motors, and lithium-ion batteries giving a long service life and increasing running time by 30 per cent.

According to United Heavy Industries, the ZS1012AC-LI is a better indoor or hard-surface option than the boom lift, but its narrow footprint and very compact size mean it’s easy to transport and it gives great access to confined areas. Additionally, the stability of the platform – even at full height – is very reassuring.

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