Dressed to lift and shift

Bringing the crane sector quality merchandise and work gear, to meet any budget, is the focus for Miklin & Co.

Shayne and Mick Messer formed their business, Miklin & Co, 14 months ago with a vision to provide quality merchandise to a booming market. The company name is a hybrid of their children’s names and to date is proving to be a winning combination.

Shayne and Mick are no strangers to the crane industry. Mick has been heavily involved in the construction industry and the crane sector in particular for over 30 years.

“We know what appeals to these industry sectors, so 12-18 months ago, we decided to start a business specialising in catering for the merchandise and uniform requirements in these markets,” says Shayne.

Shayne explains how the service from Miklin and Co can benefit a crane business.

“Our website,, includes an area where interested customers can view a large variety of merchandise. When they find something that appeals they simply click on the item and ‘request a quote’.

“We also have people contacting us direct by phone or email with what they are interested in and we provide a quote that way. Not all customers are sure of what they want, but they know they need some sort of branded promotional item. We will discuss their aims and expectations and make recommendations on what we feel will work best for them. We have many different factories and suppliers so our ability to brand products is almost unlimited. We screen our suppliers and factories to ensure they use ethical practices as this is something we feel is important and of course quality is key. We really only want to supply quality gear that is not tossed to the side after one use. We want our customers gear to be an item that gets used again and again so brand exposure is capitalised.

With regards to uniforms, there are a number of options when it comes to branded uniforms, explains Shayne.

“With uniforms, it works best to be supplying customers on a regular basis. This way we are able to offer a very competitive price; the customer knows we can turn the order around quickly because we are not having to recreate the job from scratch.

“We work with businesses by providing a bulk order and then an ongoing run of uniforms as they need them. A lot of companies in the construction sector need to provide their staff with fresh uniforms every year. Our structure allows us to meet these spikes in demand.

Construction and cranes are not user-friendly industries for clothing. Shayne explains how Miklin & Co provides the right quality of clothing to meet every budget.

“For safety and PPE uniforms used in construction we can supply a number of the major brands, including the Biz Syzmik range which provides various levels of quality. It comes down to the requirements of the customer. If they are looking for a heavy drill budget uniform with bio-motion and safety and reflective tape, we can provide this and then move up from there in terms of quality and comfort.

“The next level of quality includes rugged cooling, which is a hardy and durable product, but it is also a slightly lighter weight which keeps you cooler when you are working. This is important in the warmer parts of the country and also during the summer months. These ones are made for comfort!

“The level above this provides the same quality but also includes some extra features in the designs which makes for a more comfortable fit.  The customer can look at the base level options, move up to the mid-range and then onto the high-range option; it all depends on their requirements and their budget. We can also print logos on hard hats, work boots, and pretty much any PPE gear.

In terms of merchandise, Miklin & Co can provide anything from stubby coolers up to high end jackets, and everything in between.

“Because we understand the wants and needs of the crane and construction sectors, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of crane OEM including Tadano and Franna, and also large crane operators like the LCR Group.

“We enjoy supplying quality products, and this begins with the humble stubby cooler. The crane sector likes stubby coolers, bottle openers and key rings, but we find gym towels are very popular high-use items and if they are branded, there is a constant reminder for the user.

“Hats and drink bottles are popular and the industry loves the stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum-sealed drink bottles. They are powder coated which means they don’t scratch like painted drink bottles, and they last longer. With hats, we can decorate off the shelf hats and will work to find the perfect one for the customer. We are also launching our very own hat soon after working with a factory to design one we think is going to be in high demand. Other popular products are high-end jackets and custom bags,” said Shayne.

“Footballs are really favoured by the crane sector. We can brand footballs, netballs, soccer balls, AFL balls and even mini balls; whatever kind of ball the customer wants. Most customers order this type of product in large volumes, but we can do smaller runs of 25, for example. Obviously, it costs more per item with a smaller run, but it is an option if needed. Because we also dabble in supplying sports clubs, we have a number of contacts in that area so if companies are looking to support a local club, we can help them connect for sponsorship.

Turnaround times vary. When a uniform has been branded, future runs enjoy a quick production time, explains Shayne.

“For an established customer we can turn around uniform orders in a few days whereas an order from a new customer might take a couple of weeks. If the merchandise product we are branding is coming in from overseas we are dependent on the timing of the freight, but generally speaking we can deliver an order from anywhere between two weeks and six weeks. If customers plan ahead, they can take advantage of sea freight rates and save quite a bit, but these days, plenty of pre-planning is required for this option!”


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