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DICA FiberTech outrigger pads provide strong, rigid setup in lighter weight package

FiberTech™ Outrigger Pads are an ideal solution when extra rigidity is needed and weight is a concern. FiberTech Pads effectively spread outrigger loads and create stability for equipment such as mobile cranes, concrete pump trucks, high reach aerial devices, rock crushers, mobile substations, and more.

With crush ratings of up to 600 psi and rated capacities up to 170,000 lbs., FiberTech Super Duty Outrigger Pads (formerly FiberMax® Heavy Duty) are an economical, high-performance load distribution solution. FiberTech Pads can be used alone, or as part of multi-pad set-up.

At least 13 layers of quad axial continuous glass fibers and vinyl ester resin give FiberTech Super Duty Outrigger Pads exceptional structural strength and stiffness. A 2.54cms thick FiberTech Pad weighs 25 per cent less and delivers the same load distribution performance as a 5cms thick SafetyTech® Super Duty Outrigger Pad. “The name change from FiberMax to FiberTech makes it more intuitive for customers to compare these products,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA. “FiberTech and SafetyTech Outrigger Pads are used for the same purpose, but are made from different materials,” he explained.

Hi-Viz yellow, FiberTech Outrigger Pads are non-conductive, waterproof, and chemical resistant. They feature DICA’s patented Hi-Viz TuffGrip® Handles to simplify handling. FiberTech 90cms, 105cms, and 120cms diameter sizes are standard stock products. Other sizes are available upon request.

In addition to applications in construction, crane and rigging, and utility markets, DICA works with engineering departments to develop solutions for custom applications and other site-specific challenges.

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