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Demag manages reactor lift

German based Schmidbauer recently completed the transport of two reactors, weighing 607t and 670t, to the Bayernoil Refinery in Neustadt,

The reactors had started their journey where they were manufactured by Belleli Energy near Mantua, Italy. From there to Marghera port, 110km away, from where on 10 May they were shipped to Rotterdam.

In Rotterdam they were transshipped to barges and shipped via the inland Rhine-Main-Danube Canal to the port in Kleheim, mid-way between Ingolstad and Regensburg in Germany.

Schmidbauer’s section of the transport started at port in Kelheim on the River Danube where the reactors were again transshipped to Schmidbauer’s SPMTs, lifted by a Demag CC8800-1 crawler crane.

Twelve days for the total road journey had been allotted by Schmidbauer, travelling at walking speed, 6km/h. This has been heaviest transport ever on German roads.

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