Customer satisfaction key to SuperService growth

SuperService has a culture of going the extra mile for customers when it comes to the servicing of cranes and other types of mobile industrial equipment. General Manager, Jason Powter has been with the business from day one and he sheds some light on recent developments.

“Despite the obvious challenges presented by COVID, the past six months have been extremely dynamic for SuperService. We have maintained strong relationships with existing customers and have been contacted by numerous new equipment owners. We place a lot of importance on looking after our existing customers whilst also taking on new clients. The balance is very important to us to ensure loyalty and growth go hand in hand.”

“Most of our growth has come from new customers. To allow us to learn how we are attracting new business our team regularly asks “How did you hear about SuperService?” The top three responses are word of mouth, noticing our vehicles on the road or at a site or customers are looking for change. It is very encouraging that our brand is being recognised and our service is being recommended. Positive word of mouth is the best type of advertising a business can ask for,” said Powter.

A key part of the servicing strategy for SuperService was a commitment to a mobile service, where highly qualified technicians travel to a customer’s facility or construction site to conduct the required maintenance. Powter explains how this strategy is working.

“The mobile service strategy is working extremely well. Our largest vehicle is the ISUZU Workmate that has been a great contribution to the fleet. The Workmate has allowed us to complete larger jobs offsite meaning we can service customers faster in those urgent situations. Combined with our growing workshop facilities, we are well equipped to get the job done. Importantly our mobile technicians love the Workmate, it can handle the city traffic and is equally as good on the highway as it is off the beaten track.”

The SuperService business has expanded rapidly, so much so that a new Branch Manager has been recruited to manage the Queensland operations enabling Powter to spend more time developing the business.

Kevin Russell has spent his career servicing the transport, earthmoving equipment and cranes sectors. Late last year he joined SuperService as the Branch Manager for Queensland.

“I spent the 90’s in the transport sector before moving to the earthmoving equipment and crane industries during the 2000s. Working as a field service mechanic, servicing customers all over Queensland and the Northern Territory, I also established relationships with customers in New South Wales and South Australia on a FIFO and DIDO basis. I built a field service section for MACK Trucks during that period and was the Workshop Manager for a number of businesses. I understand the importance of being available to customers and skilled in your field to gain trust, respect and loyalty.”

“I was very interested with the opportunities presented by SuperService. It is a young business and there is a real opportunity for me to come in and help it grow. I like the challenge of a business that has the ability to rapidly mature and to help it achieve its full potential,” said Russell.

Russell explains how he intends to help the business do this.

“The plan is to increase the volume of work we are putting through our facilities up and down the East Coast as well as increasing the presence of our mobile technicians. We see customers on a daily basis and increasingly, we are receiving extremely positive feedback for the work we are doing. Much of what we are trying to achieve is relationship driven. The customers can see we are prepared to go the extra mile for them and they keep coming back because of the way our team goes about its business.”

“Of course, we chase work, we have to realise the potential within the business, but we are also finding customers referring SuperService to other customers, operators and owners of machines and this is the strongest form of advertising. A word of mouth recommendation is priceless in my opinion.”

“Our General Manager, Jason Powter, explained from the outset this was how he wanted the busines to grow., He knew satisfied customers would get behind the SuperService brand and recommend us to others. He told me to treat this as my business and he’d give me all the backing needed to make it grow, which he has,” said Russell.

Russell goes on to explain where the business is today and where he expects the growth to come from.

“Currently we are operating with seven mechanics in Brisbane, three in Sydney and three in Melbourne. We also have four apprentices across the business. I’d say over the next 12 to 24 months I can see us having 24 mechanics in Brisbane and 6 to 10 in Sydney.”

“Melbourne is a bit difficult to predict due to the impacts COVID has had on some sectors, however if we can increase our personnel numbers there, we will be doing well.”

“There is plenty of potential for this level of growth. We are growing at a safe speed and we haven’t stepped away from the principles of putting the customer first and going the extra mile for them. We have good quality staff and their work is first class which brings the customers back time and again.”

“The difference with SuperService compared to other service businesses, is we are not limited to one industry. We have been talking to various operators in transport and earthmoving equipment and if we see a crane driving down the street and we don’t know the company, we’ll give them a call and see if we can help. We have a traditional approach to growing the business and this is relationship based, if a customer gives us a chance, we won’t miss in terms of delivering an outstanding service.

Russell confirms that a number of the larger crane hire businesses have recently come forward and given the SuperService team the opportunity to service their fleets.

“A number of the larger crane operators approached us and we have been working with them. Initially, it’s all about finding the right people within the organisation, explaining our points of difference compared to other service providers. When we have the opportunity to show them what we can do we deliver beyond their expectations.

“My approach is about partnering customers and ensuring we work to a mutually beneficial outcome. A consultative approach is required, we listen to their requirements and ensure our service meets these requirements. Larger customers, with many pieces of equipment don’t want to be dealing with multiple people, they want one point of contact. That point of contact is my role. I understand the customer’s needs and they are satisfied that I have their best interests at heart and I’m going to help ensure they get the best possible outcome from the SuperService team,” he said.

Powter explained more about how the various operations have been operating.

“The new facility in Sydney is working very well and allowing the NSW team to be a far more organised and well-equipped operation. The facility has designated work bays, over-head crane and good road access – all of which help to improve our offering for customers.

“We are continuing to meet with new equipment owners from various locations across the state. We also continue to expand our service offerings and technician skillset allowing us to cater to more customer needs,” said Powter.

“We are continually looking to take people on board to maintain the growth of our team. In order to keep up with demand we are looking to welcome new teammates to the SuperService family. We are committed to ensuring our employees get the best training and development on offer,” he said.

Powter confirms the Melbourne market has experienced difficulties during the pandemic and this has impacted on the growth plans for Victoria.

“We have maintained our team numbers during the past 6 month despite the Victorian lock downs and reduced construction activities, and we are proud of this. It was important to us to look after our team down there and as demand increases, we hope to grow the team over the next 6months as demand increases.

“We have a very good workshop in Melbourne which includes an overhead crane and lay down area, so we will not need to move for some time. We have taken advantage of this slower period to rearrange the facility to better accommodate our work activities and set us up to power forward as our work levels increase again.”

Bringing the right level of youth into the SuperService business has been a key objective confirms Powter.

“It is always our intention to give young people the opportunity to become highly skilled trades people. We have had a number of apprentices start in the last six months. It is very rewarding to see those new to the trade learning from some of the best in the industry. We now have five apprentices and will be looking to expand on this. Apprentices are our future.

New markets have opened up for the SuperService team and the Yello Equipment development is especially exciting says Powter.

“We have many new opportunities in construction, civil, rail, aviation and dredging mechanical support. The relationship with YELLO Equipment will enable us to service an OEM distributor.

“YELLO has been busy since the launch in 2020 and our partnership to provide pre-delivery and post-delivery support to its customers is really important to us. We are searching for earthmoving mechanics and specialists to join our team knowing the growth that will come from this relationship,” said Powter.

“There is a significant shortage of trades people to meet market demands.  If good people become available, we look to appoint to ensure we don’t miss out. Additionally, this links to our apprenticeship program where we can help train budding technicians of the future,” he said.


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