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Crosby Group announce new load managing cloud-based software

Global leaders in innovation, manufacturing and distribution of lifting and load equipment The Crosby Group have launched the Crosby Straightpoint LoadConnect.

Announced at the start of the month, the cloud-based software is capable of monitoring loads from any distance at any spot in the world in an effort to improve safety and efficiency at work sites.

The software functions by transmitting load cell data to the cloud software after being connected to a wireless base station. Providing users with a dashboard featuring real-time, accurate data, monitors errors and status, and displaying pinpoint location, Director of Technology Solutions Thomas Dietvorst labelled the solution as “groundbreaking”.

“LoadConnect will prove to be a game-changer for anyone using our wireless load cell range in industries such as telecommunications and bridge nets, eliminating the need for personnel to regularly visit remote locations to check line and wire tension,” he said.

“There are also many use cases the construction sector and other industries where similar projects are common, such as ship building to monitor weight as loads are applied and nuclear power plants to prevent catastrophe.”

Compatible with a range of Crosby products such as Radiolink Plus, Loadshackle, LoadSafe, LoadConnect also complements Crosby’s latest product, BOLT: Bolt On Line Tensiometer, a lightweight wire rope tensiometer for fast and accurate measurement of tensions up to 10 tonnes and 32mm in diameter.

Superseding its COLT counterpart by being a permanent installation, BOLT is manufactured using an integral, high accuracy, wireless module weighing just 2.1kg and measures 259mm by 159.1mm.

Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminium, the BOLT is lightweight and operates on wires that are already under tension. Once installed it enables the operator to quickly check tension on cables or wire ropes set at any angle.

“The two products are each as important to our portfolio as the other and, with LoadConnect’s characteristics aligning so well with BOLT, the hardware and software will likely be used together in many instances,” Dietvorst added.

“There are a multitude of applications where remote monitoring is desirable, especially where defective wire rope and repairs can be alerted and effected quickly and efficiently, without in-person inspection.”

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