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Critical nature of a safe workplace

LiftEx 2024

Workplace safety is a critical issue that affects not only workers but also their colleagues, families and communities. 

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The recent mine collapse in Ballarat, Victoria, that resulted in the tragic death of a 37-year-old, and left a 21-year-old with life threatening injuries, serves as a horrible reminder of the importance of safety in this critical industry. Although deaths in mining have fallen over recent decades, in the years 2018-2023 an average of eight miners lost their lives every year. This is stark reading. However, in researching this article I found that on average 180 workers lose their lives each year in Australia – with the highest number being in Construction (31 lives lost in 2023) and Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry (21). It’s hard to comprehend. It is essential that we take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents from happening, but it is a trigger to remember that safety is not just about having a paper trail – or being able to point to a certificate on a wall in the reception area. It’s truly about fostering safety culture, whereby staff and stakeholder concerns can be easily and comfortably raised and where the well-being of workers is the top priority. 

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) plays a crucial role in promoting safety to the industry verticals we support, including to our partners in the mining industry. LEEA’s vision is to create a lifting and height safety industry which has eliminated accidents, injuries and fatalities. Sure, Lifting Equipment is only one aspect of safe working, but it stands as a beacon in which safety culture can shine. We truly believe zero injuries is a lofty but achievable goal that can be realised through training, collaboration, networking and guidance. 

LEEA, as the global trade association representing companies involved in the design, manufacture, hire, repair, refurbishment, maintenance and use of lifting equipment, provides documentation and training to its members to ensure  they adhere to the highest standards of safety and their membership of LEEA provides them a network of likeminded, safety focused peers to share and collaborate with on new thinking. 


At LEEA’s LiftEx Gold Coast 2024, we will be highlighting advancements in technology and safety from some of the leading brands and professionals at the forefront of this incredible  industry.

 LiftEx will include speakers highlighting safe practice and new products, and give time to attendees to network and collaborate on new ideas. 

Research conducted by LEEA has revealed that a common cause behind many lifting equipment-related incidents is the failure to identify defects and risks prior to use. LEEA’s training programs are designed to equip industry technicians with the knowledge and skills to inspect lifting equipment thoroughly during statutory and periodic inspections. This is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of all workers, not just in mining, but in the offshore Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Ports and Maritime and Construction industries. The importance of these industries to the Australain economy cannot be overstated and safety has, and will, continue to be a major priority. However, the consequences of failed equipment in these industries can be, and is often, catastrophic, resulting in accidents, injuries, and fatalities. It is essential that companies in these industries take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of their workers. 

The recent mine death in Ballarat serves as a wake-up call for the importance of safety across all industries and LEEA strives to play a crucial role in promoting safe use of lifting equipment – but also to help guide the wider community striving to avoid these tragedies into the future. We look forward to welcoming you at LEEA’s LiftEx event on the Gold Coast to hear about critical advancements in safety in your  industry. 

* Recently, Australian lifting and rigging equipment wholesaler Austlift became a Silver Sponsor for the LiftEx 2024 event, using the occasion to showcase its products.

The event is one that key stakeholders need to mark their calendars for, as it is set to “redefine industry standards”.

“As the industry eagerly anticipates LiftEx on the Gold Coast in 2024, it is clear that this event will be a milestone, bringing together industry professionals from around the world to explore new technologies and best practices in lifting equipment,” said Justin.

LiftEx 2024 is set to take place on September 12 and 13 at the Event Centre, Star Hotel, on Australia’s Gold Coast. For more information on sponsorship, attendance, and exhibiting, enquire with LEEA at