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Crane outrigger pads launched by TRT

TRT has launched its new crane outrigger pads to the crane market.

Made for industry, engineered fit for purpose, and designed to last; that is the summation of TRT’s Crane Outrigger Pads from the head office of the manufacturer across the ditch.

TRT Crane Outrigger Pads are manufactured from the ground up at its head office and manufacturing facility in Hamilton New Zealand.

Built using high tensile Hardox steel for maximum strength and in a honeycomb design to minimise tare weight and deflection, TRT’s unique crane pad design also helps to minimise deflection and protect onsite underground services from damage. Additionally, the crane pads can span trenches and manhole covers without compromising ground stability.

According to TRT, the crane pads are highly versatile and are applicable for use with a wide range of cranes and site conditions, with its range of standard crane pad sizes suiting most cranes across most applications.

As seen below, TRT currently has several outrigger pads in different stages of the manufacturing process getting ready for their delivery to their newest recipients.

TRT Crane Outrigger Pads size chart:

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All images have been supplied by TRT. 

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