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Crane hire company labels new all-terrain crane a “powerhouse”

Welti Furrer purchases a brand new Tadano AC 4.070-2 all-terrain crane.

Tadano has sold yet another AC 4.070-2, with Swiss crane hire company, Welti Furrer, acquiring the brand new 70-tonne all-terrain crane.

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Acquiring the machine to expand its capabilities across the country, Welti Furrer will look to deploy the machine in work relating to prefabricated wood component construction, prefabricated home assembly, and lightweight steel construction erection – on top of conventional taxiing duties. According to Amos Dubacher, technical planner at Welti Furrer, the “powerhouse” machine was an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

“We know from experience that Tadano cranes are characterised by unrivalled quality and that the service the manufacturer provides is worth its weight in gold,” he said. “And on top of that, the incredible price–performance ratio was so compelling that it pretty much sealed the deal right away.”


The Swiss company ordered its AC 4.070-2 with 8x4x8 drive and 14.00R25 tyres to provide the “perfect” combination of GVM, gradability, and steering angles, according to Dubacher. Furthermore, Welti Furrer also ordered its machine with a 16m main boom extension that can also be used as an 8.5m long single jib that can be mechanically offset at an angle of 20 degrees or 40 degrees.

In addition, the crane possesses a radio remote control for all crane functions and the IC-1 Plus crane control system, including the Flex Base outrigger system. The latter makes it possible to extend the crane’s outriggers to any point within their available range and will enable the unit to easily handle challenging conditions at work sites where space is at a premium. A working area limiter, a hook load and hoisting winch camera, an optional blind spot camera on the superstructure, and Tadano Surround View system on the carrier further round out the equipment featured by the new crane.

Furthermore, the AC 4.070-2 all-terrain crane was handed over with a full 11.9-tonne counterweight that is split into five separate elements and makes it possible to travel on roads while staying under a 12-tonne axle load limit. Dubacher, and Welti Furrer, see this as a major strength, adding further mobility to the crane that, in tandem with its Flex Base system, thrives in confined urban environments.

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