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Crane Finder updates revealed at Liebherr customer day

Liebherr has launched its newest version of the Crane Finder tool at its Liebherr Customer Day

Global crane manufacturer, Liebherr, has presented the new version of its Crane Finder tool at its Customer Day currently underway in Germany.

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According to Liebherr, the tool that is used for finding the right crane and optimum configuration for a specific load case has been improved in many areas and now includes new integrated features.

Liebherr has completely revised the underlying crane data on the basis of the latest load charts and compiled them in a new database. According to Liebherr, the advantage for users is that the feature now has access to the latest planning data, all operating modes, more information and more crane types when searching.

The new database enables more functions and provides additional information such as details on ballast radius, support, main boom angle, accessory angle and central ballast. As before, all information can be displayed in large tiles or, as a completely new feature, in a compact list view.

Furthermore, Liebherr has added the brand new “optimise configuration” button. As before, the Crane Finder searches for the smallest possible crane for the selected load case – always with the maximum load capacity, i.e. with full ballast. In many cases, however, the crane could do the job with less ballast. The new feature shows the minimum amount of ballast required to fulfil the current load requirement.

In most cases, the amount of ballast can be reduced, actively helping to save fuel and, in turn, carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to environmental protection by helping companies reduce their transport costs.

For improved user-friendliness on smartphones and tablets – compared to the web version – Crane Finder is now also available as an app. According to Liebherr, the mobile application offers a particularly intuitive user interface that enables easy navigation and searching.

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