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Crane business all over new TIDD pick and carry

All Over and Rigging Cranes recently purchased the first TIDD PC28.

All Over and Rigging Cranes recently purchased the first TIDD PC28.

Barry Casey is the owner and founder of All Over Rigging (AOR Cranes).

“We first started out in 1993 with a 20t Tadano. We started out mainly managing steel erection and mechanical installation work, and when there wasn’t any work for the crane, we would just park it up. It wasn’t until someone said I should utilise the crane better and look at general crane hire. I realised there was an opportunity and I took it more seriously and started to go after a bit more work.

Casey could see there was plenty of demand and he hasn’t looked back.

“I sold the Tadano and picked up a Liebherr from Anthony Davis and Ben Baden, from the then GM Baden, and that’s when the business really started to take off,” he said.

Safety and planning are key strategies for Casey.

“At All Over Rigging we take the time to really understand the work which hopefully ensures the job goes smoothly for the client. This includes a full inspection of the job site, detailed planning and supply of all lift studies as well as a full assessment of job safety analysis and safe work method statements,” he said.

Casey had some experience with the previous model of the TIDD articulated pick and carry crane.

“A couple of years ago we were operating a different brand of articulated pick and carry crane and it broke down. I took it to The Crane Connection to have it fixed and Anthony loaned us one of the MK 1 TIDDs whilst the other machine was being repaired. We had that for about a month and we were quite impressed with the way it operated but felt it was a little under powered for what we required,” he said.

“Then last year, Anthony mentioned that the TRT had been working on a new version of the TIDD and he thought it might be of interest. We were invited to visit the TRT facility in New Zealand and meet the team behind the new model,” he said.

“The whole experience was so refreshing. We walked through the manufacturing facilities where everyone on the production floor greeted us with a smile, it was obvious they were really into their work. The senior management team couldn’t have been more welcoming and had all the time in the world for us,” said Casey.

“The design and engineering team was genuinely interested in our feedback on the new machine, asked how our experience had been with the previous model and wanted to know what we thought could be done to improve the new model. I was so impressed, I put my name down for the first unit there and then,” he said.

Casey believes pick and carry cranes are not inherently dangerous with most accidents coming down to operator error.

“Articulated pick and carry cranes have a reputation around the industry and, in my view, there are too many accidents. I know a lot of the Tier One builders won’t have them on site. “That’s where the TIDD Slew Safe system is so impressive, it is designed to remove operator error,” he said.

Slew Safe is designed to prevent rollovers and works with a number of features including audible alarms, ECU warnings and a Power Steering de-ration to prevent further articulating into an overload situation. The TIDD PC28 is the only articulated pick and carry crane with this level of safety.

Slew Safe is an effective system to restrict the driver from operating off the chart. With audible and visual alarms along with steering restriction. Slew Safe cannot be over-ridden but will operate again when the load is back in the green.

“I reckon the Slew Safe system is going to change the way the industry looks at the articulated pick and carry crane,” said Casey. “For me it improves safety for everyone working around the crane, it reduces risk and improves the duty of care. I reckon it’s a game changer,” he said.

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