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CoreRFID gathers pace with Australian crane industry

SpanSet is an Australian manufacturer and it wants the crane industry to support Australian manufactured over imported products.

Asset management software firm CoreRFID is installing its new IDXpert Net solution for heavy lifting firm SpanSet Australia.

The Sydney-based firm will be able to produce safety certifications for its clients in a matter of minutes when the system goes live at the end of the year.

CoreRFID’s latest project follows the recent installation of IDXpert Net for SpanSet Australia’s sister companies in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Spain.

IDXpert Net, which replaces a manual system, enables inspections to be recorded on site using a tablet. The data is then automatically uploaded to a secure cloud-based database and is immediately accessible to customers.

IDXpert Net is based on CoreRFID’s CheckedOK system and has been specifically designed for international crane, heavy lifting and asset management firms.

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SpanSet Australia designs, manufactures and supplies height safety, lifting and load control systems as well as managing safety inspections. It is part of the SpanSet International Group that has sites across the globe.

“IDXpert Net will make savings in areas such as admin while improving the reporting accuracy and speed of inspection certification for our clients. It’s a step-up in the customer experience we can offer,” SpanSet Australia Managing Director Kristian Pritchett says.

CoreRFID partners with more than 75 firms using its inspection solutions in the UK and Ireland.

“This latest project shows we can offer crane and lifting firms, anywhere in the world, a system that can make inspections work more effectively for themselves and their clients,” CoreRFID Technical Director Munzi Ali says.

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