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Continued wire rope innovations from Andromeda

Andromeda Industries is established as an innovator in the wire rope industry in Australia.

“We are widely known throughout the rigging industry for our Superflex wire rope. We also manufacture another unique product for which we might not be as well known,” said Scott Taylor, business development manager at Andromeda Industries.

The Andromeda Industries range of flat woven steel slings and terminal fittings for these slings enables Andromeda to remain at the forefront of safety and design in the rigging industry.

As with all Andromeda Industry products, the flat woven steel slings are manufactured at the factory in Moonbi, in regional New South Wales. The strap for the slings is mechanically woven on a weaving machine designed and manufactured by Andromeda Industries.

The range of flat woven steel slings are manufactured using 24 galvanised wire ropes laid in parallel (warp) with two wire ropes (weft) continuously woven through. The slings can be made from 50mm to 250mm

The flat woven steel slings have a safety factor of 5:1 as they are a wire rope sling.

“We manufacture two types of sling. Type one being for cradle lift and type two being for basket hitch. The slings are ideal for use in applications where damage from cutting and abrasion are a risk. The slings are also UV resistant and, as they are a wire rope sling, there is no need for mandatory quarterly inspections,” said Taylor.

“All fittings for the slings are manufactured onsite at our Moonbi factory. The slings are also available in stainless steel for use in corrosive and underground environments.

Andromeda remains at the forefront of safety and design in the rigging industry.

“The products have always been well received by the markets as they minimise risk to construction workers’ lives and last longer compared to other products. These factors alone outweigh the premium for a quality product,” said Taylor.

All slings, whether they are Superflex or the flat woven steel slings, are manufactured, tested, and individually tagged according to the relevant Australian standards. The standard tags are made from 1mm steel, and permanently fixed by means of steel cord swaged into the ferrule

The following information is provided on each tag: 

a)  manufacturers name (Andromeda)

b)  size and type of the sling 

c)  WLL in various applications

d)  test number and the date of test.

Andromeda Industries is both NATA and LEEA accredited for the manufacture and testing of wire rope slings. This contributes to the high benchmark standards in the rigging industry to ensure lower quality and less safe products are not considered by companies doing the work onsite.

“As rigging work is very repetitive, with riggers using the slings up to several hundred times a day depending upon the application, they are sensitive to the way the slings perform. Our products are easily handled, leading to higher safety and efficiency of their work,” said Taylor.

“Superflex slings, cable and our range of flat woven products are exported internationally to New Zealand, Norway, Russia, and the Czech Republic, as well as being used widely in the mining, construction and offshore industries in WA and some of the major infrastructure projects in NSW and Victoria.

“Andromeda continues to be proud of our products as they continue to contribute to the added safety of lifting projects both in Australia and overseas,” said Taylor.

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