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“Compact and powerful”: Liebherr crawler crane completes 300-tonne lift

The Liebherr crawler crane, LR 1750/2, deployed by Riga Mainz in action.

German heavy haulage and crane company, Riga Mainz, has utilised a Liebherr crawler crane to complete bridge renewal works in Biberah, Germany.

The crane hire company was contracted to dismantle old, 51-tonne bridge parts from a railway bridge and assemble its replacement in two 285-tonne parts. To complete the task, Riga Mainz deployed its LR 1750/2 crawler crane equipped with a 49m main boom that, when everything was added together, would be shifting a gross load of 300 tonnes.

Operating in tight parameters proved to be the biggest challenge of the job for Riga Mainz, according to company owner and project planner, Uwe Langer. A two-metre thick, 18x18m concrete slab was built on eight large, bored piles to ensure the crane could stand securely, while the assembly of the crane proved equally difficult.

“The space conditions were very tight, as the newly constructed reinforced concrete bridges to be assembled were already placed on the construction site,” said Langer. “In addition, we were restricted by surrounding trees.”

To construct the new abutments, two large drilling machines produced a total of twelve bored piles with a diameter of 1.5m and a depth of 10m. After the lifting of the new bridge sections, they were cast with concrete into the abutments to form a singular structure which produced a 20m long and 10m wide new bridge. In all, the assembly and crane teams completed the job in just over two weeks, with the rail line only being closed for five days. Crane operator at Riga Mainz, Daniel Schleicher, put this down to the “compact and powerful” performance of the LR 1750/2.

“The LR 1750/2 was the optimum crane size for this job; larger cranes would not have been suitable in these tight conditions,” he said. “Thanks to the variable ballast radius of the suspended ballast, we were able to make optimum use of the space.”

The Liebherr crawler crane is the second development in the 750-tonne crawler crane range, and features enhanced lifting capacities of up to 30 per cent thanks to the strengthened boom and adjusted derrick.


The Liebherr crawler crane, LR 1750/2, deployed by Riga Mainz in action.
The LR 1750/2 had to move gross loads of around 300 tonnes to a lifting height of up to 27m and an outreach of up to 25m. Image: Liebherr
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