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“Compact” 80-tonne mobile cranes acquired by German company

Scholpp purchases four 80-tonne mobile cranes from Tadano.

Tadano Europe has sold four of its 80-tonne mobile cranes to German-based crane services company, Scholpp.

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The German crane, assembly, and transportation company made the acquisition of the four AC 4.080-1 mobile cranes to enhance its capabilities in completing lifts for construction and steel fabrication customers, as well as moving heavy items of machinery. According to Scholpp’s Heilbronn Branch Manager, Patrick Löffler, such is the crane’s versatility, that he sees it operating across a range of different industries.

“I’m sure we’ll find one or two jobs for it in other areas as well,” he said, “because the AC 4.080-1 is a true all-rounder.”

Tadano’s four-axle, 80-tonne capacity mobile crane possesses a main boom length of 60m and a maximum boom extension of 16m, giving the machine a maximum tip height of 78m and a maximum operating radius of 50m. According to the manufacturer, the crane’s compact dimensions give it a “best-in-class” jobsite accessibility among four axle cranes.

Furthermore, Scholpp ordered its 80-tonne mobile cranes with multiple extensions, such as the ‘Surround View’ camera system and the e-Pack. Tadano’s patented camera system uses cameras to generate a computer-assisted display of the maximum possible outrigger extension lengths, simplifying the positioning of the crane on the job site. The e-Pack, on the other hand, is an electro-hydraulic system that enables zero-emission crane operation, making the crane suitable for heavily built-up city locations, night-time lifts in residential areas, and assignments inside factory halls.

Scholpp has an extensive Tadano fleet with lifting capacities spanning 40-to-700 tonnes.


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