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“Comfortable and smooth” Sany excels for Big Rhino

A 60-tonne all terrain crane, the Sany SAC600E, lifts an item for Big Rhino Crane Hire, after it was purchased through Tutt Bryant Equipment.

Brisbane based Big Rhino Crane Hire has been operating its Sany SAC600E, 60-tonne all terrain crane for 16 months and both the owners of the business and the operators of the crane have been really impressed with its performance.

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The Sany features 50 metres of main boom and was one of the first to be delivered in the country.

Big Rhino Crane Hire is a privately owned family business which has been operating for 14 years. Marg Gravener, Big Rhino’s Owner/Director, provides some background to the business and how impressed the company is with its Sany SAC600E.

Big Rhino Crane Hire is a great name for a crane hire business and Marg provides an insight into the company name.

“My husband Paul’s nickname is ‘Biggen’ and our eldest son Ryan, who started the business with us, has the nickname Rhino hence Big Rhino. The tag line for the business ‘Get hooked on our horn’ is a bit of fun and one we couldn’t resist,” she said.

“We have named the new Sany ‘White Rhino’ and it has proved to be a great asset to our fleet. Customers love the various options we now offer them as we can send ‘White Rhino’ to 35t jobs that don’t require counterweight, or we can send the crane as the full deal with counterweight for the heavier  work. 

‘White Rhino’ has filled a void in our fleet and has certainly exceeded our expectations. Peter Lawgall and the team at Tutt Bryant Equipment have always been very supportive with the Sany and have been quick to respond to a teething problem, or to address an issue our crew have not been able to quite work out, or to help train a new  operator. 

“‘White Rhino’ has its own maintenance crew at Tutt Bryant Equipment and they are always available to come and check over the crane and to assist with training our crew. We are very grateful and thankful for this support, and it certainly makes life a lot easier for our crew and ultimately our customers,” said Marg.

The Sany SAC600E 60-tonne all terrain crane is a high-quality crane with a 50m boom. Whilst remaining lightweight in concept, it has remotely adjustable boom work lights, a wind speed anemometer, boom tip camera, fall arrest cables on both sides of the boom, access ladders to each side of the cranes’ deck, with stairs and safety rail allowing entrance to the rear of the  crane. 

The crane comes with a 16m folding fly jib with offsets of 0°, 20° and 40°. Around the deck, the Sany SAC600E features a 9kg fire extinguisher, Hi Vis side stripes, a battery isolator and starter isolator. At the rear of the deck there is a ring feeder mounting with air brake supply and amber flashing beacons on the cranes’ structure. 

The Sany SAC600E 60-tonne all terrain crane is powered by a Mercedes Benz inline six-cylinder diesel engine which generates 280 kw at 1600 rpm and which complies to Euro 3 emission standards. The Sany also features an Allison auto transmission with 12 forward and 2 reverse gears split between high and low range ratios. 

Danfoss hydraulic valves ensure reliable and constant hydraulic pressure and adding to the cranes’ control and smooth operation. It also features six steering modes on the three axles with diff locks to promote great manoeuvrability. The weight of the crane is less than 36t which enables it to be road ready with an Aux winch, headache ball, single sheave main hook, timber box, 3.3t of counterweight and still be under the 12t per axle limit in Western Australia. Site works lifts the crane’s axle capabilities to 16t per axle which means mobilisation can take place with more counterweight. 

The Sany SAC600E 60-tonne all terrain crane has a comprehensive remote-control, which means the operator can set up the crane, extend the outriggers, levelling the crane, slewing and positioning the boom in place ready for loading of counterweight. The operator can then enter the cabin to commence their lifting duties. 


Sany is in a continual process of upgrading models and this crane now includes an operator’s cab which can tilt to up to 20°, allowing the operator a better and more relaxed operating and viewing position and relieving aching neck and back muscles to observe the rope, from the top of the boom down. The newly designed cab maximises safety, comfort and ease of operation. All operations in the cab are joystick controlled, the crane features a large viewing touch screen which is ergonomically fitted for ease of operation and shuffling through the various programs of the crane.

Cameras for downward vision and at the winch drum provide the operator with a view of the site they are operating, letting them keep an eye on the winches to ensure correct laying of the wire rope. 

The operator’s cabin is air conditioned, with premium comfort seating and fitted with AM/FM Radio, phone hands free and a USB point. 

Jamie Nutley, who operates ‘White Rhino’ alongside Aaron Healey, had this to say.

“The 60t Sany is a very nice crane to drive and to operate, it is comfortable and smooth on the roads and just the same off road no matter how rough the terrain. The interior of the operator’s cab is well designed which makes it very easy to manoeuvre on and off road. The ergonomics of the design make the crane comfortable to operate, the joystick controls are very responsive and when you are spending hours sitting in the cab, being comfortable is very important. 

“The Sany is an excellent lifter and very smooth to operate. The computer control system is extensive and once you get your head around the basics, it is easy to understand and makes calculating and operating a breeze. I have over 35 years experience in the industry and I would highly recommend this crane,” he said.

A 60-tonne all terrain crane, the Sany SAC600E, lifts an item for Big Rhino Crane Hire, after it was purchased through Tutt Bryant Equipment.
The Sany SAC600E 60t capacity all terrain crane, is a high-quality crane with a 50m boom.
Image: Big Rhino
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