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Combining strength and reliability with user-friendliness

Combining strength and reliability with user-friendliness

Material handling equipment specialist, Hiab, has launched a renewed range of loader cranes with a capacity from four to 11 tonne metres. The company says the range combines strength and reliability with ease of use for the operator. Jan Arreza reports. 

Each of the new Hiab light range loader cranes is carefully designed to help an operator do more jobs with less effort, and comes equipped with a full range of accessories and features. For one, operators now have a choice of four options for remote and manual control systems, allowing them to select the system that meets the level of precision needed when operating a crane.

In renewing the range, Jan Vink, director of light range loader cranes at Hiab, told Cranes and Lifting the team considered a number of factors.

“When we started the development of this loader crane series, we wanted to ensure that the renewed equipment will make work easier for the operators, keep it safe and increase efficiency, as we have learned that these are our customers’ priorities when choosing a loader crane,” he said. 

The Hiab light range loader cranes have been built to last. Each machine’s structure is made of high-tensile steel, enabling it to combine low weight with the capacity to deliver heavy loads. Its soft-sealed couplings withstand vibrations and high pressures to minimise the risk of damage.

Hiab light range loaders cranes are also optimally built for easy mounting on the truck chassis. The whole installation, including any necessary chassis reinforcements, is designed for the lowest possible overall weight.

Depending on the choice of control system, a range of features is available for improving capacity, durability, flexibility and safety. These features include semi-automatic folding systems, load stability systems, and remote-control systems.

All electronic functions of the new light range loader cranes are managed by the unique X-4 SPACE system, which is a computer devised to intelligently assist a user in operating the crane. The SPACE intelligence system is available in three different configurations, each one with an increasing number of advanced and productive functions.

All configurations benefit from the highly advanced Over Load Protection (OLP) system. Productivity functions in the system are Automatic Duty Control (ADC), Manual Speed Control (MSC), Automatic Speed Control (ASC), and Pump Flow Distribution (PFD). These functions can be used separately or in combination.

SPACE 3000 is the basic intelligence system and then follows the SPACE 4000. Finally, the SPACE 5000 system provides the user with a productivity and safety solution, which the company says is second to none. All four configurations include OLP. An external display also gives a better overview of the active crane and service status.

“The X-4 system is a multi-functional SPACE system, which gives us the ability to configure our cranes in a different way – only using one SPACE system for the manual cranes and one SPACE system for the remote-control cranes,” Vink said.

“As for the external display, it was something that we introduced in the mid-range line and decided to do the same thing in the light range as well. Before, our light range had a very basic external display, and this new one is a lot bigger and is able to display a lot more information for the operator.

“It really it is an all-round crane and it will be a crane that would be loved by a lot of operators, I can assure you of that.”

The new light range loader cranes were launched in Australia in May and Vink said while both the manual and the remote control options are popular here, he has seen a clear growth market for the remote-control versions. And looking ahead, Hiab is firmly committed to its Australian customers. 

“In Australia, it has been quite a big leap forward, especially in the nine to 10 tonne metre range, which are the ones often used by those working in ‘drop and go’ businesses, as well as those in the mining industry, and those working in municipalities,” Vink said.

“Australia for us is a very important market for our light range, so it is a country that we take care of very well. Moving forward, we have a very good plan in place for the supply of the new cranes.”

The light range loader cranes come with a two-year warranty as well as a five-year warranty for the steel structure, as with other HIAB loader cranes. Maintenance is also a no-brainer.

“To avoid unnecessary downtime in our end customers’ operations, Hiab light cranes are designed for easier everyday maintenance. Key parts and components that require regular attention are located where they are easy to access. A good example is the integrated oil tank in the crane base, which can be installed without rearranging truck components and is quicker and simpler to reach,” Vink said, adding, “the reliable performance and productivity are guaranteed through the offering of our comprehensive service network.”

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