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COMANSA announces new releases

Spanish tower crane COMANSA announces the addition of new models to the range and a new manufacturing project designed to cope with the increased demand from Asian markets.

Spanish tower crane manufacturer COMANSA announces the addition of new models to the range and a new manufacturing project designed to cope with the increased demand from Asian markets.

COMANSA recently released its new 21LC1400 model: a new large-capacity Flat-Top crane. It also released the 21CM750, the largest manufactured at its Chinese plant in Hangzhou.

The 21LC1400 model will come in two versions, with maximum load capacities of 50t or 66t.

The new model comes in two versions with maximum load capacities of 50t and 66t and is a valued addition to COMANSA’s extensive range of large-capacity Flat-Top cranes.

The 21LC1400 is expected to be used mainly in infrastructure and PPVC (Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction) projects, but this new model will also provide an enhanced performance in any other project which involves lifting very heavy loads, such as in shipyards, mining and other industrial sectors.

Like COMANSA’s most recent developments in the 21LC family, the 21LC1400 will feature a modular design counter jib to significantly reduce the operating radius in small sites. A new single and highly compact trolley-hook has also been designed for the 21LC1400 instead of COMANSA’s single-double trolley system, standard in its other models, as this new crane will work mainly in projects in which maximum load capacity is required for almost every lift.

This model has an 85m jib as standard, extendable up to 90 metres and a new cage, designed as an extension of the range that includes the latest upgrades of cages previously available only for smaller cranes.

In addition, COMANSA announces the addition of “Quick Set”: an electronic limitation system that reduces the set-up time of the cranes from 3 hours to 45 minutes. This technology will also reduce the number of staff required during this operation.

This new model comes with the CUBE cab as standard. CUBE Cab offers not only an innovative aesthetic design but also a completely renewed user experience. Its design offers ample space and great comfort, productivity and new features, earning it the IF design award, one of the most prestigious international awards in the industrial sector. The release of a new sized CUBE Cabin (M) is planned for the 11LC and 16LC series.

The 21CM750 model is the largest manufactured at its plant in Hangzhou and includes a 37.5t and a 50t capacity option. The 21CM75 is manufactured to the highest European standards whilst taking advantage of the cost savings being manufactured in China.

Comansa started manufacturing this model at its factory in China, mainly to meet the needs of the Asian market, which increasingly demand heavier load cranes.

More than one hundred guests attended the event, including the leader of the Xiaoshan District, the President of the Comansa Group, the manager of Comansa in China, the main rental companies, the Tower Crane Industry Association and end customers, both domestic and from overseas.

Comansa is taking an important step in technological innovation and product development, making a significant contribution to the construction industry by developing solutions to adapt the products to the market demand in China and other countries in the region.

Among the main technical features of this crane are:

  • Flat-Top, modular crane model.
  • Two maximum load versions: 37.5t and 50t
  • Designed following the European safety standard EN14439.
  • Automatic changing double trolley to optimise the load chart.
  • The lifting speed is faster than for cranes of the same capacity made by other local manufacturers.
  • Interchangeable: these models share several jib sections with the 2100 series.
  • Thanks to the modular design, the jib and counter-jib sections have six different configurations to enable the adaption do different jobsite conditions
  • Optimised design in the jib and counter-jib connection for faster and safer assembly and disassembly.
  • This system also allows great modularity between the two versions: the 37.5 t model can load 50 t by changing the front trolley and hooks.
  • Incorporates the Cube Cabin: the design of the cabin won the iF Design Award 2018. It is more spacious, comfortable and increases the capacity of the cabin to implement the new crane function for future needs.

The 21CM750 can be used for prefabricated construction, construction of power plants, mining, bridges and other large-scale infrastructures.

It has the approval of the Chinese National Type and the TüV Süd certification from Germany.

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