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CM Labs selected by Manitowoc for next-gen Crane Control System

CM Labs announced that they have been chosen by Manitowoc Cranes to develop and deliver a series of ground-breaking simulators that showcase Manitowoc’s intuitive new Crane Control System (CCS).

Unveiled at Manitowoc’s 2018 Crane Days event held on June 3-8, Manitowoc’s initial order of CCS-driven Vortex Simulators is intended to help dealers to market and educate crane operators on the benefits and capabilities of CCS-equipped models.

Simulators are already being delivered to Manitowoc clients for operator training, including locals of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE).

Manitowoc’s CCS operating platform provides a common human-machine interface across multiple crane product lines. Each CCS unit features the same control layout, with standardised symbols, and is made up of several common components (crane controller, safety controller, small IO (input/output), large IO, joysticks, jog-dial and display).

Manitowoc engaged CM Labs to integrate the new control technology into a simulator, with the goal of allowing dealers and customers to experience and train with the CCS on a true-to-life worksite.

“Our design starts with a relationship with the machine so that the user interface feels very close to the real thing,” said Drew Carruthers, product line manager for construction equipment at CM Labs.

“This was important for Manitowoc so that the end product both looked and acted like their brand.”

“We selected CM Labs because they are the leader in crane simulation with their top-quality solutions already widely deployed at training organizations,” adds John Alexander, director of all-terrain crane service, mobile training & telematics at Manitowoc.

“Many of our own clients are already using CM Labs simulators every day.”

The simulators not only replicate the functionality and behaviour of a 35-tonne Grove RT540E crane as manufactured by Manitowoc but do so under the control of an actual CCS user interface.

Vortex simulators are powered by Vortex Studio, the high-fidelity physics-based real-time simulation platform that delivers unparalleled realism and immersion.

This means that the simulation includes actual on-board crane computers and load moment indicators, different boom configurations, accurate simulation of machine behaviour, plus cable physical property simulation for winch line, slings, and load, and multiple rigging options.

As with all Vortex simulators, high-quality visuals and sound effects complete the immersive experience. This overarching accuracy ensures skills learned on the simulator will transfer better to the live equipment.

“CM Labs works well with OEMs like Manitowoc because of our ability to leverage authentic OEM control sets and programmable logic controllers and control systems,” said Arnold Free, chief commercial officer of CM Labs.

“This Manitowoc CCS simulator is an effective way for dealers to easily demonstrate the capabilities of the CCS hardware and for operators to get the expert training they need.”

Dealers and operators of Manitowoc Cranes who are interested in purchasing a Vortex Crane Simulator enhanced with CCS to use for customer training can do so through Manitowoc Crane Care.

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