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CICA QLD Chair Report: A year in review

Pete Koschel, CICA’s Queensland Chair.

This year CICA Queensland experienced a positive year in ongoing interaction with an active membership cohort. Our primary focus has been to concentrate on the key issues that directly affect member business operations.

These include discussions that have focused on road access and compliance, safety, lifting equipment, industry training, insurance, contract law, worker health and well-being and CICA initiatives available to members.


Throughout the year meetings and social functions were held that  provided members across the state the opportunity to attend and collaborate with their peers and the greater community. On average 30-50 members attended meetings that were held in Brisbane (North/South), the Gold Coast, Townsville and at the facilities of suppliers Terex, Tadano and TRT.

The interesting and informative presentations included Bunzl Safety, Bullivants Lifting, Kallibr Training, NHVR, PNO Insurance, Level Playing Field Lawyers, Terex, Tadano and TRT.

A strong and passionate committee of business leaders who kindly donated their time to be the voice of the Queensland Crane industry were elected at our AGM. These include:  

Chair: Peter Koschel
Vice Chair: Mick Messer
Committee: Danny Black, Tim Brouff, Isabella Burke, Charlie Camilleri, Steve Gonano, Jonn Grimmond, Mark Happer, Jason Perry, Scott Smith, Stefano Tiani and Launa Williams

Understanding new permitting initiatives

Representatives of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and the Queensland department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) attended a few meetings this year and presented on a range of topics including an overview of new permitting initiatives:

The NHVR Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment project (SLGAAP) is an Australian Government-funded initiative to optimise heavy vehicle access on the local road network.

The project assists local government road managers in undertaking heavy vehicle assessments of on-road assets, such as bridges and culverts. 

Working collaboratively with engineering consultants and local government road managers, the project supports councils to better understand their asset capability and inform heavy-vehicle access decision-making.

In addition, TMR is planning the implementation of a new permitting scheme that has been developed by the Tasmanian Government and is considered the gold standard for permitting and road access – the HVAMS Heavy Vehicle Access Management System. 

HVAMS aims to streamline and regulate heavy vehicle movements, ensuring safety and promoting efficient transportation across the road network. 

The plan is to unite multiple road managers to improve road network access for the heavy vehicle industry with the aim of automating the assessment of road conditions and structures for heavy vehicle access decisions under HVNL.

Areas of focus for CICA Queensland

A focal point for the committee this year has been:

 To highlight that CICA is more than just the green crane safe sticker and the initiatives, programs, and services available to members. 

 During COVID-19 the Crane Industry Code of Practice (COP) review was placed on hold. The COP review was reopened in December 2022 and as a result, the CICA Qld committee has reviewed the COP and highlighted areas of concern to the CICA National Office for further review. 

 Proactive delivery of compliance initiatives to assist members in aligning with legislation and regulations. CICA staff work closely with industry regulators to be our industry voice on a broad range of issues that influence the whole crane industry supply chain which ultimately assists and supports members with the communication of compliance initiatives and to support alignment with current government legislation and regulations.

 Establishment of sub-committees to provide more focus on aspects that are of primary concern to our industry: Training and issues related to training and HRW licencing; Improving relationships with statutory bodies such as TMR/NHVR/Local Councils; Open communication with the WHS department to ensure our input/development addresses issues; Grow membership group to ensure our industry is well informed. 

 Promotion of the CICA ASSIST program, the partnership with Holding Redlich that supports members. 

 To ensure the Articulated Crane Training Course using the adaptative learning technique aligns with improvements to the HRW licence and individual crane road licencing, by supporting learning at all levels of experience; and For the industry training and licensing national committee, a focus on TLI Mobile Cranes Cert III and Cert IV and the requirements for on-road licencing. 

We are looking forward to the year ahead and working with the CICA community to support to ongoing development and improvement of our industry. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.  

Pete Koschel


CICA Queensland Branch


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