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CICA NSW celebrates excellence

During the CICA NSW Excellence Awards night, individuals were recognised for their outstanding contributions to the crane industry.

During the CICA NSW Excellence Awards night, individuals were recognised for their outstanding contributions to the crane industry.

In late November, over 50 members from CICA New South Wales gathered at the Park Royal, Parramatta to celebrate the NSW Excellence Awards. The evening was hosted by Jeff Wilson, NSW chairman with CICA CEO, Brandon Hitch, presenting the awards.

On that evening there were three recipients of the NSW Excellence Award.

“The NSW Excellence Award is presented to an individual or individuals who have contributed to, and made a significant impact on, branch projects throughout the year. This year the NSW/ACT Branch would like to recognise three individuals,” said Jeff Wilson, CICA NSW chairman.

“On the 20th of June, CICA hosted a Local Government Demonstration day. The day was designed to assist local government engineers in their understanding of the road going capabilities of SPV’s and support the NHVR and RMS in the rollout of the new four, five and six axle notices.

“Live vehicle demonstrations were part of the demonstration day. I’m delighted to present Ari Debner from Debner Cranes with this award for his participation on this day, for supplying and driving the cranes and talking with delegates afterwards. Ari’s contribution was significant and helped to make the day a great success,” Wilson said.

“On the 24th of October, CICA hosted a Local Government Regional Demonstration day. This day contained the same content as an event held in June but was hosted in Coffs Harbour instead.

“The Regional Demonstration Day was also recorded for future sessions and proved invaluable for local/regional access with live vehicle demonstrations being an important part of the day. We are presenting Emma Makinson, from Coff City Cranes with the NSW Excellence Award for her contribution. Emma supplied cranes, drivers and also spent time talking with delegates afterwards. Emma’s contribution not only on the day, but in the lead up also, helped to make it another successful event,” said Wilson.

“While our next recipient needs no introduction, this award is being given for his continued support of the industry, both at a state level and nationally. Most recently, Danny Adair’s contribution to the bridge testing last year, helped the RMS to obtain data which supported the release of the 60t network.

“I acknowledge that this project still requires some work around opening up access, but it would not have been possible without Danny Adair giving up his time and crane for this project. I’m delighted to present Danny with this NSW Excellence Award,” he said.

The presentations then moved on to the Traineeship of the Year Awards.

“The Traineeship 2019 has been our most successful yet, with 22 Trainees enrolled. The NSW/ACT Branch acknowledges those trainees who have been studying, learning and striving to make a difference,” Wilson said.

“Our winner is gaining the fundamentals and understanding of how a crane operates and how real-life work sites function to ensure he is maintaining the best possible safety for himself and others around him.

“He now visually identifies all rigging components and superstructure components of our cranes. He demonstrates dogging duties including hand signals, whistles and two-way radio communications and has an understanding of procedures in setting up and packing up the cranes on site.

“He goes above and beyond on a daily basis and is always working with the team and our congratulations go to Christopher Hull from Fuller Cranes,” said Wilson.

“Our runner up is across a wide range of roles. He helps out in the yard, assists the diesel mechanic and loads and unloads gear. He has started to go out onsite and learn from the ticketed dogman. He is committed to safety on site and works consistently in a team environment. Our congratulations go to Damian Day.

“There is one more person I would like to acknowledge. While he did not receive an award this year, I would like to congratulate Kaiden Rainer for his efforts in the Traineeship Program and wish him well in his studies and training for 2020,” he said.

Wilson then reflected on the branch’s achievements throughout 2019.

“Our branch has had a monster year. Our record-breaking fund raising in Newcastle was followed by our successful conference in the Hunter Valley. The success of this years’ events would not have been possible without the work behind the scenes by our Steering Committee. I would like to thank John March, Jo Conti, Anthony Davis, Ari Debner, John Farrier, Jay Gower, Anthony Heeks, Neil Hollingshead and newly appointed Emma Makinson for their support and time in making the NSW/ACT Branch stronger than ever. I look forward to 2020 with eagerness and will strive to do better than this year, to support the industry and to continue to make a difference,” said Wilson.

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