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CICA Diversity Network officially launches

CICA Diversity Network launch

In a bold and forward-thinking move, the crane industry is breaking down barriers and embracing the power of diversity with the launch of the CICA Diversity Network a ground-breaking initiative aimed at promoting inclusivity and driving positive change. 

To address what is probably the most pressing issue in the industry, the aging demographic, the CICA Diversity Network has been tasked with ensuring the crane sector is seen as the industry of choice for diverse groups, especially young women.

With Karli Sutherland from Quicklift Crane Hire in the Chair, the Diversity Network Committee Members are mainly women representing various areas of the industry, including crane owners and engineers.

The launch included a panel of industry leaders who emphasised how diversity and inclusivity in the workplace should be a priority for every company. Building teams from varying backgrounds not only improves the employee experience, but how it also enhances productivity and the decision-making process, was the overall theme of the launch.

CICA Diversity Network launch
The Diversity Network Committee.

The panel included Sarah Toase, CEO of Crane Association of New Zealand, Colleen Lindores, Owner/Director Lincoln Hire and Sales, Danny Black, General Manager Terex Australia, Melissa Barry, Director Border Crane Consultants, Kate Halpin, Director Employ for Ability and Ben Pieyre, Chief Executive Officer, Boom Logistics and National President of CICA.

The panel agreed it’s not enough to just talk about change, action needs to be taken to effect change. The crane industry needs to build inclusive organisations by design, not default. Recruitment was a key theme with all agreeing that decisions should be based on data and facts, not long-held bias. The crane sector and the construction industry in general, need to hire and nurture inclusive leaders who can bring together diverse knowledge, perspectives, and experiences. 

Uniting the strengths of diversity and inclusion will help build performance and can help unite everyone behind the one vision and with the right team mindset and behaviours, combined with the right structure and processes, change will happen. Embedding diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace is a journey and the panel agreed this journey can only start with an organisation understanding what they want to achieve in terms of DE&I.

CICA Diversity Network launch
Tadano Oceania’s Gen Mustafa spoke about her expereince as a young Asian woman and the entry barriers she has experienced during her career

Tadano was a major sponsor of the launch and Tadano Oceania’s and Marketing Manager, Genevieve Mustafa spoke of her experience as a young, Asian female and the barriers to entry she has faced during her career. Kate Halpin, Director, Neurodiversity spoke about Employ for Ability, an innovative social business focused on helping organisations understand the benefits of hiring neurodivergent people as part of their social inclusion and diversity programs.

Neurodiversity is the concept, that neurological differences like Autism Spectrum Disorder are part of the normal variation of the human population. It is a component of the social model of disability in comparison to a medical model where we need to find a cure.

Autism is characterised by difficulty in social communication, social interaction and restricted or repetitive behaviours and interests. Neurodivergent people are also hard working, loyal, direct, problem solvers, unique thinkers and honest to name a few qualities. Hiring people who can solve problems and think differently provides advantages to organisations. Cranes and Lifting will actively work with the CICA Diversity Network Committee and provide updates as they happen.  

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