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CICA CEO tours SpanSet Australia facility

CICA CEO Brandon Hitch tours the SpanSet Australia facility.

SpanSet Australia has undertaken a sustained examination of synthetic slings flooding Australia’s rigging equipment market following a comprehensive demonstration to the Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA).

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Earlier this week, Kristian Pritchett, the Managing Director of SpanSet Australia, welcomed Brandon Hitch, the CEO of CICA, and representatives from Cranes and Lifting Magazine to SpanSet’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Emu Plains, Western Sydney.

Brandon’s keen interest in Australian manufacturing led him to see the creation of synthetic slings at the SpanSet facility, where he witnessed firsthand the meticulous processes involved in ensuring that SpanSet slings exceed the highest quality standards. Each sling undergoes individual in-house proof testing, adhering strictly to the Australian Standards AS4497:2018.

SpanSet’s multimillion-dollar testing facility includes a 43m long, 600-tonne capacity testbed, providing assurance to those prioritising safety and compliance. Through live testing demonstrations, Brandon gained insight into the significant disparities among suppliers of commercially available slings in terms of quality and compliance, debunking claims on compliance tags. As was evidenced by the live demonstrations, not all slings are created equal.


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