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CICA calls on government to support construction

Brandon Hitch

The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) has called on federal and state governments to do more to sustain the construction industry following the COVID-19 outbreak.

CICA has welcomed the Federal Government’s stimulus package to support workers and small businesses, which make up around eighty per cent of the construction industry.

The industry is also a significant contributor to Australia’s economy, producing nine per cent of the country’s GDP and providing employment to around 10 per cent of the population.

CICA CEO Brandon Hitch said the group’s membership is predominantly small businesses and having cranes out on job sites was imperative to their survival.

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“Fast tracking planned projects is a way of maintaining upcoming works in the pipeline which is essential to prevent large scale collapse of businesses and major unemployment,” Hitch said.

“Historically, injecting investment into construction productivity has been an effective way for governments to boost economic growth, restrain inflation and institute full employment.

“The construction industry is not the only industry feeling the pain at the moment, but it is an industry that will create beneficial infrastructure and jobs for Australia.”

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