APS Equipment distributes a wide array of construction machinery, including the Magni Rotating Telehandler range.

Rotating the order of the lifting industry

APS Equipment has been operating across New Zealand for the best part of 35 years, offering construction equipment and machinery to the market. Enjoying an exclusive relationship with Italian manufacturer Magni, the national distributor is opening up new markets with alternative lifting solutions driven by a core motive of making a difference.
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The Magni RTH range has been labelled as a "game-changer" for construction sites.

A game changer on construction sites

Explore the world of precision and power with the Magni RTH Range, purpose-built to become a leading solution for construction, civil, and mine sites. Magni’s rotating telehandlers represent a revolution in heavy lifting, seamlessly blending unmatched versatility with advanced technology. The Magni RTH range exudes a high level of reliability and functionality, making them true powerhouses.
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