Verton Technologies SpinPod series provides revolutionary gyroscopic, load-stabilising technology.

Verton Technologies’ SpinPod providing safety, stability, and precision

Based in Brisbane, Australia, and solving critical lifting issues world-wide, Verton is revolutionising crane safety and precision through the development of innovative technologies such as Verton Technologies SpinPod series designed to keep loads stable, increase productivity, and remove personnel from the line of fire. 
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RUD's Lifting Chains in action.

RUD Chain Lifting Kit for your next crane investment

RUD is a world-leading manufacturer highly reputed for quality, ergonomics and safety in lifting technology and load securing for more than 35 years. Offering more than 700 tested boltable and weldable lifting points in load ranges up to 250 tonnes which meet maximum safety requirements in the crane industry, its lifting points are also integrated into the crane during the build process by leading crane manufacturers. 
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Australian company Andromeda Industries' Superflex cable continues to provide sustainable, effective lifting and rigging solutions to the crane industry.

Andromeda Industries’ Superflex cable helps flex company’s strength

Andromeda Industries is a locally owned manufacturing company that develops and supplies a range of well-engineered products; the result of in-house research and development while investing in quality people, systems, and business practices. Its specialty? The design and manufacture of plaited and woven steel cable and terminal systems.
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Bunzl Safety & Lifting can supply leading brands of chain and lever blocks and hoists including Beaver 3S Chain Blocks – which are colour coded to WLL’s for added safety and can include overload protection.

Safety with Bunzl: management of chain and lever blocks

Within Australian workplaces, load failures and injuries caused by exceeding the rated capacity of chain and lever blocks are a significant concern – and the misuse of these versatile lifting tools adds to the risk. This article sheds light on the common issues surrounding manual chain and lever blocks, their proper usage and the essentiality of regular inspections to prevent accidents and ensure workplace safety.
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