RUD's chains consistently provide excellent performance, according to SureLift Director Mark Read.

RUD’s chains “brilliant” according to SureLift

Originating in Germany in 1875 as a small family business, RUD’s chains now appear in a range of clients across a variety of industries – including mining in Queensland. Director of SureLift Crane Hire Mark ‘Chopper’ Read discusses his business and why the company consistently chooses RUD’s products.
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Alliance Engineering Consultants know the importance of a detailed engineered lift plan in the crane industry.

AEC’s value in an engineered lift plan

Alliance Engineering Consultants (AEC) knows that more than just a crane, a crew, and some rigging equipment are required to successfully complete a complex lift: a detailed, engineered lift plan is also needed. Director Jeff Kazazi, Principal Consultant Len Sgherza and Lead Engineers Nick Birks and Steve Keating discuss the value of attention to detail in the design, understanding what’s needed for a high-quality lift plan, their lessons learned from decades in the industry and some high-profile cases where the basics have been ignored, producing near-catastrophic outcomes. 
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Unilift is the exclusive distributor of Diepa wire ropes and Extreema soft slings.

Unilift: the exclusive distributor of Diepa rope and Extreema slings

Orange-based lifting and rigging equipment company Unilift takes pride in offering durable, sustainable, quality products to the crane industry. General Manager Ben Scott and brother Caleb Scott discuss the company’s position as the exclusive distributor of Diepa rope and Extreema slings, and Unilift’s attitude to reducing waste in the industry.
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WireCo now offers a diverse range of crane wire rope services for the crane industry.

WireCo’s diverse range of wire rope services for the crane industry

WireCo Australia has undergone a significant expansion and rebranding over the past 24 months to better reflect its affiliation with all WireCo’s manufacturing facilities and brands owned and supplied by WireCo Globally. National Crane Division Account Manager Kathryn Darr elaborates on the global leading products and services supplied by the company.
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Humma has designed the world's first underground-compliant crane.

Humma designs world’s first underground-compliant crane

In 2014, mining giants BHP issued an order that no vehicles could travel underground without a wet-brake system. With the technology unavailable when BHP called for tenders for an underground-compliant crane in 2022, Burralga Industries – still only in its infancy as a business – reached out to DRA Engineering’s Humma with a six-month time frame and a very specific request. Humma delivered.
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