Reds Global moving with the times

He ran Verticon for two years prior to starting Reds Global. Persistence and innovation has seen this business continue to grow. Having its main depot in Sydney, it now has cranes working in key markets around Australia although the Greater Sydney area has the highest concentration.

Things have changed a lot in tower cranes in Redman’s time in the industry. At the start, Favco diesel hydraulic tower cranes dominated the market and the average age of the cranes was much greater in the earlier era (the average age of the Reds Global fleet is three years). Read more

Pick and carry crane road safety

This is a document that introduces a speed limit on pick and carry cranes, whereby under the National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice 2016 (No 1) the State Schedules for Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania now state: “A pick and carry crane must not exceed 80kph.”

Pick and carry cranes are our most common crane in Australia with numbers in the thousands. I’ve written many bulletins about them due to the high number of risk factors involved, particularly mobiling with loads. Read more

Building a “city” in weeks

Building a “city” in weeks

From July 21 to 23, 2017, the Parklands at North Byron Bay hosted the three-day music festival Splendour in the Grass, attended by 32,500 people per day, and Coates Hire was an integral part of building the infrastructure that made the festival possible. Jan Arreza reports.

During the three-day event, the 267-hectare Parklands area at Yelgun in North Byron was host to three performance stages and a DJ area, as well as a designated camping ground that was home to some 20,000 campers.

The contractors who set-up the festival faced tight time constraints, having only three weeks to construct the small “city”, which had to be fitted out with power, water, dwellings and toilets. Then, at the conclusion of the event, there were only nine days allocated to pack up the entire temporary infrastructure. Read more