LEEA wants to see more teamwork in the construction sector.

LEEA: teamwork key to construction success

Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) Regional Manager Justin Boehm takes 1998 Chicago Bulls basketball coach Phil Jackson’s famous quote, “The strength of the team is each individual and the strength of each member is the team,” and draws parallels with the importance of working as a team in the construction sector.
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Ranger Lifting has launched its HMPE round slings to the lifting and rigging equipment market.

Ranger Revolutionising Lifting and Rigging with Ultra-Maxx HMPE Round Slings

The Ultra-Maxx HMPE Round Slings are a game-changer for the Lifting and Rigging industry. They are transforming the way of approaching lifting tasks. These slings, made from continuous loops of HMPE fibres encased in a durable, double-layer cover, bring a host of benefits that make them stand out in a crowded field of lifting equipment. Ashley Thacker, General Manager of Ranger Lifting, explains more about Ultra-Maxx HPA slings.
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Andromeda Industries' Superflex lifting slings are unrivalled, according to Borger Cranes.

Super lifts using Andromeda’s Superflex lifting slings

Andromeda Industries is the only producer of Superflex steel in Australia, using the wire to make lifting slings and other attachments for the crane industry. With heightened emphasis on safety in lifting, the importance of investing in high quality lifting and rigging equipment is being consistently underscored – and Borger Cranes is right on board with Andromeda’s quality.
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