No stopping progress

The Industrial Internet-of-things technology helps turn crane braking systems into smart devices. Altra Motion’s Christian Klein and Rex Sinclair explain how the performance of Ship to Shore (STS) and container handling Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes can benefit from the cloud.

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How an inventor and a contractor came together to change the face of safety in construction

Improving safety in crane operations is a constant goal for the industry. The development of a wireless load controlling system demonstrates it is possible to eliminate personnel from being in close proximity to a suspended load.

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Call for lifting terminology consistency

Lifting terminology in the crane industry can be confusing. Some are clearly defined in Australian Standards with others derived from industry colloquialisms. The Crane Industry Council of Australia’s Technical Committee examines these variations in this issue’s CICA Tech Corner. Read more

The Demag AC 450-7 sets new standards on seven axles.

The new Demag AC 450-7 is as compact as a six-axle crane but with significantly better performance. Setting new standards on seven axles – certainly not a humble goal for the engineers at Tadano Demag but the crane manufacturer from Zweibrücken now offers a new seven-axle machine that makes a compelling case with a series of forward-looking solutions and impressive technical specifications.

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The LTI Fallacy

David W Solomon, executive officer safety and risk Master Builders Association NSW and board member for The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) examines the issues related to Lost Time Injuries (LTI) and how this is impacting businesses and the construction sector in general.

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