Demag manages reactor lift

German based Schmidbauer recently completed the transport of two reactors, weighing 607t and 670t, to the Bayernoil Refinery in Neustadt,

The reactors had started their journey where they were manufactured by Belleli Energy near Mantua, Italy. From there to Marghera port, 110km away, from where on 10 May they were shipped to Rotterdam.

In Rotterdam they were transshipped to barges and shipped via the inland Rhine-Main-Danube Canal to the port in Kleheim, mid-way between Ingolstad and Regensburg in Germany.

Schmidbauer’s section of the transport started at port in Kelheim on the River Danube where the reactors were again transshipped to Schmidbauer’s SPMTs, lifted by a Demag CC8800-1 crawler crane.

Twelve days for the total road journey had been allotted by Schmidbauer, travelling at walking speed, 6km/h. This has been heaviest transport ever on German roads.

Mammoet minimises downtime with Liebherr

Mammoet completed the replacement of a matured exhaust silencer for a gas turbine, at a gas-fired power station in Victoria. Removal of this 305t exhaust silencer was completed in a single lift reducing the amount of time the client, an Australian energy company, needed for their operations to be suspended to allow replacement to take place. Read more

Sarens erects wind turbines using Liebherr LR 11000 crawler

Global green and heavy haulage contractor Sarens, took delivery of a new LR 11000 crawler crane from Liebherr earlier in the year. For its first job, the new 1000 tonne crane was assembled at Oostpolder wind farm, which is currently being built to the south of the Dutch port of Eemshaven. Sarens received the order from there to erect Enercon E-136 EP5 wind turbines with a hub height of 155 metres.

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Working with Health and Safety regulators for a better industry outcome

In late 2020, Wadonga based Dunn’s Twin City Cranes (DTCC) were issued with a Prohibition Notice by Worksafe Victoria. DTCC successfully appealed the notice and consultation with the regulator has allowed CICA to form a steering committee and discussions with Work Safe Victoria around lifting personnel using work boxes have begun.

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How an inventor and a contractor came together to change the face of safety in construction

Improving safety in crane operations is a constant goal for the industry. The development of a wireless load controlling system demonstrates it is possible to eliminate personnel from being in close proximity to a suspended load.

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