Buchanans – a small family business looking to the next generation

Greg Buchanan, founder of Buchanan Mobile Cranes, has a boilermaking background and the cranes were initially something that evolved out of the need to install or erect the steelwork that he fabricated. While the crane work is now a significant business in its own right, steel fabrication and engineering complement the crane business and there are many niche projects that require both areas of expertise.

Greg’s son James developed an early interest in cranes, from around the age of eight as he recalls. With the business and family home co-located on acreage at Moorooduc, it was easy for James to help out after school and on weekends. It was a great learning environment: nothing was forced but neither was anything sugar-coated. As James says: “Every day was a school day.” Read more

Specialist trailers increase crane set-up efficiency

Specialist trailers increase crane set-up efficiency

For many crane owners, the investment in a large crane doesn’t end with the crane itself: the investment in support trailers and the prime movers to tow them can also be quite substantial. Large cranes can require five to 10 support trailers, or even more for the largest cranes, writes Greg Keane.

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