Humma the quiet performer

Dave Lewis, from Lewis Engineering really understands the Humma articulated pick and carry crane. 10 years ago he helped with the development of his own Humma 35 Mk1 and as a result of its performance he has just taken delivery of a Humma 25 Mk2.

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First Potain MCH 175A in Melbourne works amidst space constraints

The topless luffing jib crane is the first in Australia and was immediately set to work on a new residential development in the fashionable Melbourne district of Prahan. Several of the Potain MCH 175A’s unique features made it a perfect choice for this congested urban job site. Read more

Controlling the load remotely

Remote load-control systems are designed to make taglines obsolete providing greater productivity, efficiency and safety by automating lifting operations. The Crane Industry Council of Australia’s Technical Committee examines these technologies in this issue’s CICA Tech Corner. Read more

Two Ways headed south

Over the last three years, Two Way Cranes has surprised many with an aggressive approach towards growth. Many in the industry won’t be surprised to learn a further expansion in services is happening, but they might be surprised to learn the direction in which the company is headed. Read more