Pick and carry crane road safety

This is a document that introduces a speed limit on pick and carry cranes, whereby under the National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice 2016 (No 1) the State Schedules for Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania now state: “A pick and carry crane must not exceed 80kph.”

Pick and carry cranes are our most common crane in Australia with numbers in the thousands. I’ve written many bulletins about them due to the high number of risk factors involved, particularly mobiling with loads. Read more

Financing as the tide turns

Financing as the tide turns

There is general consensus here and globally that retirement criteria for a crane and the major inspection during its lifetime should not solely be based on the years since it was manufactured. A great many number of factors impact a machine’s lifespan and perhaps more importantly, its inspection and maintenance cycles, writes Jacqueline Ong.

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