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CANZ announces skills and training joint venture

Safe workplace crane lifting safety supervisor conducting safety check on workers while crane being lift heavy load construction mine site, Perth, Australia

The Crane Association of New Zealand and Port Industry Association in New Zealand have collaborated to form a joint venture targeting skills and training, the Port and Crane Academy of New Zealand.

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The joint venture between New Zealand’s peak crane and port industry bodies was announced on June 5 with the intended goal of supplying targeted training for prospective workers in the port and crane industries. The joint venture is set to target the crossover between the two industries, focusing on riggers and supervisors among others.

Additionally, the Port and Crane Academy of New Zealand revealed its new logo designed by Home Studio that, according to the joint venture, reflects the initiative’s core value.

“Our logo has been thoughtfully created to reflect our core value of ‘by industry for industry’,” said a release. “It incorporates elements representing the two industries that founded PCANZ, with a central focus on people, symbolising their importance in our organisation.”

According to the Port and Crane Academy of New Zealand, significant progress has already been made in a short amount of time, with the joint venture having received consent to assess from NZQA, with programme approval expected shortly.

“Our first learner has been enrolled in the SafeStart microcredential, which is being introduced by the port industry,” said the release. “Although we are not fully operational yet, this milestone brings us much closer to our goal and shows how far we’ve come this year.”

Still in its formative stages, the joint venture is now looking for directors to join the PCANZ governance board with the “right skills” to provide a balanced mix of industry and education experience.

Operating as a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) registered Private Training Establishment (PTE), PCANZ is strategically established to provide high-quality and relevant training solutions to the port and crane and other allied sectors.

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