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Bunzl relaunch Beaver Grade lifting chains

Recently, a new range of Beaver Grade 100 lifting chain and components has hit the market, offering enhanced features and benefits over the traditional Grade 80 counterparts as well as other Grade 100 brands.

One of the standout advantages of Beaver BV100 chain is its impressive strength-to-weight ratio.  Compared to other chains of the same size and weight, BV100 chain offers a remarkable 25% higher working load limit (WLL) than Grade 80 chains. This means that operators can lift loads that are 25% heavier before needing to select a larger chain size. As a result, the weight of lifting gear can be reduced by up to 30%, significantly easing the burden on workers while maintaining strength and durability.

Designed to better withstand wear, fatigue, and rust, BV100 chain is particularly suitable for heavy industrial applications that involve repeated lifting and lowering. Manufactured from hardened and tempered alloy steel, the chain exhibits high resistance to impact and wear, meeting critical requirements outlined in AS2321.

To further enhance its longevity, BV100 chain has also recently been improved with a higher-quality blue phosphate coated finish, which is marked with full product traceability codes and information. The chain also boasts a self-lubricant feature for future oil-free maintenance.

Beaver BV100 chain is offered in pre-assembled or made-to-order slings, with BV100 components, for customers nationally.  The chain and components are extremely reliable and cost-efficient and range in sizes from 8mm to 16mm in diameter.

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