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Bronto Sky-Jib to Freo Group

Freo Group recently took delivery of a 70-metre Bronto S70XDT.

Leading crane rental and logistics solutions company Freo Group, manages a large fleet of various capacity cranes as well as aerial work platforms.

The unit will join their extensive fleet alongside two existing S70XDT aerial platforms that Freo has in the Bowen Basin mining region of Queensland.

The S70XR aerial platform is mounted on a Scania P410 8×8 chassis and features a total weight of around 36t, a maximum working height of 70m, an outreach of 38 metres. It is equipped with wireless remote control for boom movements, a 600kg extendable cage with 2×220° cage rotation, a Bronto Sky-Jib to help get into those tight spaces and 240/415v hydraulic generator.

The working cage can be extended up to 3.7 metres in width to allow more space for men and material and the 220-degree rotation on both sides increases operational flexibility. In addition, the Freo Group have added a Bronto Loadman Falling Weight Deflectometer to provide peace of mind on the bearing capacity of the area to where setup takes place.

The new aerial platform is a great addition to the Freo Group’s rental range, as it will increase the variety of machinery Freo Group will be offering its customers.


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