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Bringing comfort and safety to a new high

The arrival of the Tadano Aerial Work Platform range in Australia is set to bring new levels of comfort, efficiency and safety to local aerial operators.

The arrival of the Tadano Aerial Work Platform range in Australia is set to bring new levels of comfort, efficiency and safety to local aerial operators.

Leading lifting-technology company Tadano Oceania Pty Ltd (TOP) is set to revolutionise aerial work in Australia with the local roll-out of the highly advanced Tadano Aerial Work Platform (AWP) range.

Three members of the Tadano AWP range – the AT-200S Super Deck, the AT-300CG and the AT-157CG – have recently been released on the local market, with other sophisticated platforms to follow in 2020. Known for their advanced features, high levels of operator comfort and industry-leading efficiency, the work platforms will be backed in Australia by a comprehensive spare parts and support service provided by TOP.

“We’re very excited to be able to provide local industries with our line-up of aerial work platforms,” said Tadano Oceania managing director, Anthony Grosser. “Tadano’s vision is to be the world leader for lifting equipment. In Australia, our aim is to provide customers with a complete one-stop shop for all Tadano products, all backed by factory-trained support and original parts.”

Staged rollout begins now

The first three Tadano AWPs released on the local market have been handpicked to appeal to customers including dry-hire rental companies, tree maintenance companies, mining contractors, shires and councils, and various service providers requiring height access.

A standout model in the range is the AT-200S Super Deck, which has the largest working deck available in Australia (4.2m x 1.9m with a huge load capacity of 1000kg to a maximum elevation of 19.7m). This impressive work platform is suitable for mining applications, with a team of up to four people and maintenance equipment able to be accommodated in the basket at one time.

The articulating AT-300CG has a 250kg load capacity, a 30.4m elevation and a 7.6m telescoping fly jib with full basket rotation to 313°. These attributes make it ideal for accessing tight and limited spaces, and to go over and under bridges.

The AT-157CG, meanwhile, is suitable for smaller jobs and can hold two people (or 200kg) to work at a height of up to 17.2m.

All models are available with the truck or can be mounted onto one under Tadano supervision. A wider rollout of additional Tadano AWP models will commence in Australia during 2020.

Technology-led safety advantages

Tadano AWPs have built an enviable reputation, due to many in-built technologies designed to improve operator safety and ease. These include one-touch functions to maximise efficiency, and unique features to allow operation in tight and limited spaces. One of these is Variable Outrigger Configuration, which allows the AWP’s stabiliser legs to be placed at different widths in narrow corridors without any loss of stability.

“Australia has extremely high safety standards for this type of machine, which is why our product is industry-leading,” said Grosser. “It delivers above and beyond Australia’s robust safety requirements. Tadano has consistently proven itself to be one of the safest lifting equipment brands in the market.”

One key safety feature is automatic stowing and unstowing, whereby it takes just one button to fold up and pack away an AWP. Meanwhile, Tadano anti-collision software stops the basket and boom system from colliding with any part of the truck that the platform is mounted on.

New 4 Motion Control technology

A unique feature of 2019 Tadano AWPs is 4 Motion Control technology, which is a significant advance for work performed along the vertical face of a structure, such as running wiring from the ground upwards. 4 Motion Control maintains the horizontal and vertical plain of the basket in a single movement and with one lever operation. This puts an end to constant adjustment and readjustment of the boom to try and stay parallel to a structure.

This significantly reduces time spent on vertical jobs and importantly reduces the chances of colliding with the AWP, the truck or structure your team is working on.

Smooth Start & Stop functions

A key safety feature of Tadano AWPs is Smooth Start & Stop, a function which improves the controlled movement of the basket or platform and is suitable for operators of all levels.

Tadano AWP users report this safety feature slows the movement of the basket making it predictable and eliminating the unsettling “whipping” motion that can sometimes throw workers against the basket or platform guard rail. This also prevents the risk of striking the structure your team is working on.

A loader crane for every application

Meanwhile, TOP is also making available five premium Tadano Loader Crane models featuring various boom lengths, with a major expansion in the range underway. These are suitable for lifting work across many industries, including transportation, construction and infrastructure, a host of mining applications, landscaping, irrigation, salvage and recycling and lumber.

“Tadano cargo cranes have a great reputation built on decades of supply and operation in a range of industries across Australia and the Oceania region,” said Grosser. “These are strong, dependable units that are popular because of their reputation for safety and easy operation.”

Tadano will be stocking machines with boom lengths ranging from 8 to 16m and mostly with a maximum lift of 3000kg but also a 550-series machine with 5000kg maximum capacity. These are suitable for mounting on truck chassis with a GVM from 4.5-25t.

Tadano cranes features include the Outrigger Interlock System, which ensures the outriggers are deployed before the crane is unfolded for use. They also come with a unique high-tensile-steel heptagonal boom with internal cables and sheaves, meaning reduced boom weight and smooth boom operation without any reduction in lifting capacity. The Hook-In system, meanwhile, enhances efficiency by automatically stowing the boom and hook. And a handheld remote control with colour LCD display is designed to improve safety during crane work and travel.

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