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Boss Constructions purchases second Humma pick and carry crane

Boss Constructions' new Humma pick and carry crane, the Humma UV 55-25 created by DRA Engineering, performs a lift.

After operating a Humma UV 35-25 for a decade, Broken Hill’s steel fabrication and erecting specialist, Boss Constructions, who has been in the crane hire industry for 25 years, recently ordered a second Humma pick and carry crane with a capacity of 55 Tonne. Nick Bobos explains more.

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“I had been operating the Humma for probably 10 years and before that we were using the MAC 25s. When the new 35t capacity Humma came out, we were keen to see how it would perform and so we spoke to DRA Engineering, visited the factory in Western Australia and we were impressed with what we saw. The Humma has been an excellent performer for the 10 years that we’ve had it and that’s why we ordered the second. We don’t use MAC 25s anymore,” said Nick. 

Boss Construction works across a broad range of industries including rail, mining, wind farm construction, commercial construction including schools and shopping centres – anywhere where construction steel work is required. 

“We hire out our crane fleet for rail refurbishment, for example. We pick up wagons, take them to our workshop and unload them, or replacing bogies when break downs occur on the rail. With this work, time is a big factor – we are in and out within in 30 minutes and we’re lifting 35t. The Humma is the one bit of plant that gets used every day, we’d be buggered without it,” said Nick.

Nick goes into detail about his research into the Humma and why he was convinced it was the right purchase for his business.

“We were looking to buy a new crane, and we had actually purchased a new Franna MAC25 and I dry hired a Humma from Peter Dalla Riva so we could compare the two. 10 years ago the Humma UV35-25 was just in production so we waited. As soon as we got the 35 and got the bugs out of it, I sold the 25t Franna and bought the Humma. 

“The best thing with the Humma is the air suspension. It’s a better configuration, so it can slew past 42.5°. It has better load charts so when you are fully slewed you can articulate, and when you compare the load charts with a 25t Franna there is no comparison – and if you compare Franna’s largest crane the AT40 with 40t capacity with Humma 55-25 with 55t, there’s a big difference,” said Nick.

The Humma UV35-25 35t crane is a highly versatile, high-capacity pick and carry crane. The design emphasis has been placed on the operator, with safety and comfort key features, while retaining the toughness of a mine quality machine.

The removable counterweight makes the crane at home either on an infrastructure project, operating at high capacity, or on the road travelling between jobs. Airbag suspension provides the operator with an extremely stable, safe and smooth ride while, at the same time, reducing maintenance costs as there is no articulation and boom pivot wear. The automotive spec Cummins 8.3L engine is highly fuel efficient with up to 25 per cent fuel savings over comparable machines – a big drawcard for the Boss Construction team. As standard, the engine is fitted with a Jacobs exhaust brake, which supplies greater stopping power and greatly reduces wear in the standard braking system. All these features combine to produce a very low maintenance machine.

Humma UV35-25 has an advanced Load Moment Indicator comprising of Dynamic Load Charts. This system calculates the SWL for the operator for the exact boom angle and articulation angle, which gives the operator their maximum capacity for each position. Stationary load charts are also standard. This provides the operator with a boost in SWL when the crane is stationary. 

A fully automatic side slope deration system is included into the software when required. The system includes digital rope compensation. The winch rope is compensated for boom extension digitally, which allows the operator to turn it on or off. This also allows the winch rope to be reeved easily over the top of the booms rather than internally, which greatly improves ease of rope replacement and maintenance.

Nick is very pleased with the performance of the Humma.

Boss Constructions' new Humma pick and carry crane, the Humma UV 55-25 created by DRA Engineering, performs a lift.
Humma UV35-25 has an advanced Load Moment Indicator comprising of Dynamic Load Charts. Image: Boss Constructions.

“In our opinion, the Humma is probably an over engineered and over designed crane because they haven’t stretched a model to every per cent they can to make a larger capacity crane. Peter Dalla Riva senior and his son Peter Dalla Riva junior are passionate about the Hummas and absolutely stand by the design, engineering and manufacturing processes. 

“Whenever there’s an issue with the cranes, they are there with the required support. If I rang Peter junior on the weekend, he might not answer the phone call the first time but he will if I ring a second time because he will know something is wrong. 

“100 per cent the support is there, because DRA Engineering is a 50-year-old family company with proven engineering innovation and customer service. It is not a corporation like Franna, you speak to the engineer that knows the crane and immediately get answers.

“I always say each crane suits different applications. If you’re after a smaller crane with 15t or 20t capacity, you’d probably go with a Franna. They are a narrow crane they are easy to drive and everyone knows how to use them. If you wanted something bigger and heavier to do a variety of jobs, you’d go with the Humma pick and carry crane. Try the rest then buy the best,” said Nick.

“The Humma 35 and 55 tonners are the ultimate pick and carry heavy lift machine, designed and manufactured in Australia. The new Hummas feature new designs and they are a machine that the Australian crane industry can be proud of,” said Nick. 


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