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Borger’s chiller lifts, both up and down

Borger Cranes and Rigging Services recently mobilised its Grove GMK6300 for a series of lifts on Bowen Bridge Rd in Brisbane. The project involved 13 lifts, including three new ‘chillers’ going up and old ones going down.

Logan Alexander, Supervisor for Borger Cranes and Rigging explains more about the complexities of the lifts and why the Grove GMK6300 was selected for the project.

“The lifts had been in the planning since the tendering process began back in April of this year. We attended multiple onsite meetings and ground scans were completed to ensure underground services would not be an issue and that safety was the top priority’’.

“We also provided a comprehensive lift plan, inclusive of autocad plan, elevation, crane setup and rigging diagrams along with a detailed lift study outlining crane configuration, capacities, rigging attachments and ground pressures,” he said.

“The GMK6300 offers a straightforward mobilisation, especially when you consider the boom is fitted to the crane in road travel mode. This makes the luffing jib setup quick and easy, along with purpose-built counterweight trailers, you will not get a better setup’’.

“The Grove was configured with 31.9m of main boom, fitted with 45m luffing jib and 50t of counterweight. Each lift had to clear a total obstruction height of 43m which meant a crane head height of 85.6m. The heaviest lift involved a 7.96t chiller which came in at 9.31t with rigging and the crane was operating at 74 per cent of its charted capacity,” said Alexander.

As expected, the Grove GMK6300 excelled and completed all lifts well ahead of schedule, and without incident.

According to Alexander, Borger Cranes has a long-standing relationship with Luke Williams and Precision Rigging, who have been supplying ‘out of the box’ crane options for a number of years.

“Precision Rigging offer innovative mechanical rigging solutions and Borger Cranes do the same with mobile cranes; hence we make a great team,” said Alexander.

“Arranging road closures and lifts over ‘live busways’ is a complex process in terms of gaining approvals, scheduling and the logistics involved.

“Both Luke and I worked closely with Nicole Clark from Traffic Control Innovations on these issues, and both Brisbane City Council and Translink really came to the party and were a pleasure to work with to get this side of the project completed,” he said.


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