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Boom Logistics’ crane hire solutions to wind farm construction

Crane hire company, Boom Logistics, supplies comprehensive wind farm construction and maintenance solutions.

Boom Logistics holds a lengthy history in wind farm construction and maintenance, throughout which it has customised and developed its options to wind farm customers to provide a holistic, all-encompassing service.

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With many years of experience in the construction and maintenance of wind farms across Australia, publicly listed crane hire company, Boom Logistics, has developed extensive capabilities in the wind farm and renewables sector. The company has a rich history of successful collaborations with wind turbine OEMs Australia-wide to provide crane and installation packages in excess of 850MW of wind power to date.  

Across the years, Boom has established its own dedicated, in-house construction division. This specialised division of the national crane hire company focuses on providing comprehensive wind farm construction and maintenance services through a service delivery model based on operational experience of key resources and fit-for-purpose assets. What this entails for Boom Logistics is in-house construction teams that include the full package of construction supervision, technical delivery and site-based health, safety, and quality roles working in tandem with a range of in-house services provided. 

With its diverse fleet featuring two Liebherr LG1750’s purposed for the wind market, supported by a further three 800-tonne LTM1750-9.1 mobile cranes focusing on service works, Boom is showing no signs of slowing down its efforts to lift Australia to carbon neutrality. Through its lengthy experience in the wind farm sector, Boom possesses the capacity to draw all assets and equipment from within the Boom Logistics fleet, provide in-house engineering capabilities, provide a dedicated resource pool of mechanical technicians and electrical personnel.

Furthermore, throughout all its operations across Australia’s wind farms, OEMs can rest assured that Boom possesses significant in-house capabilities and is appropriately certified, underscored by the provision of its own building licence with and through the Queensland authorities, as well as holding relevant state electrical contractor certifications. Boom’s mandate is to self-perform by retaining control on the quality and execution strategy, while providing dependency in delivery and program as expected within the demanding wind construction sector.

Throughout its history of working in wind farms, Boom has moved with the market to ensure its fleet is aligned with the increasing service demands at height.  The crane fleet is supported by its expanded services beyond construction, with the company specialising in the removal and replacement of wind turbine components such as gearboxes, generators, main bearings, and blades. 

Boom’s service does not just end there, however. Indicative of its ability to go above and beyond what can normally be provided by a crane hire company, following the construction of a wind farm, Boom Logistics is able to deliver routine and periodic service as per the specifications provided by the wind turbine OEMs, as well as liaising with wind turbine OEMs to develop, maintain, and amend operational procedures to enhance site efficiency, safety, and productivity. In tandem with its ability to provide full in-house engineering requirements, appropriately certified, skilled workers, and nationally spread equipment base, Boom is able to support OEMs and asset owners on both the East and West Coast of Australia. 


Boom’s end-to-end wind farm construction and maintenance capabilities have recently been on display with some of its recent projects, as seen in the accompanying photos. Possessing a range of 800-tonne capacity machines, Boom deploys its LG1750 and LTM1750-9.1 to aid in the construction and maintenance of wind farms across the country. 

With a maximum lifting capacity of 750 tonnes and unrivalled mobility between WTG’s, the LG1750 possesses the key capability to perform at relevant hub heights across the country, making the crane one of the market’s ideal choices for fast wind farm construction and erection – and, due to increasing demand for capacity at height, will soon dominate wind service and maintenance works. As one of five crane hire companies in Australia to possess an LG1750, Boom is uniquely placed in the wind market.

The 800-tonne capacity LTM1750-9.1, on the other hand proves itself to be most adept at maintenance in the current market, especially due to the crane’s detailed wind speed charts and key capabilities on the 80m-to-115m hub heights where significant market demand exists within Australia. With a maximum hoist height of 156m that is largely driven through crane jib attachments, the nine-axle mobile crane has proven to be a key contributor in wind turbine maintenance: a vision Boom forecast, positioning itself with three identical cranes uniquely spaced nationally to provide maintenance services in alignment with market demands. As seen, Boom provides a focus on self-performance, which includes mobilisation of their own ancillary support equipment, including cranes and heavy haulage to support their constriction and service works. 

With its vast experience gained over the past years of helping to construct some of Australia’s most significant wind farms, Boom Logistics has gained deep industry nous and streamlined its wind farm division to be able to deliver holistic services to its wind farm clients. Because of its all-encompassing service, the company’s ability to provide a comprehensive, high-quality, end-to-end package positions it competitively, earning the trust of customers seeking reliable solutions based on Boom’s proven track record in successfully completing diverse projects. 

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