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Booming towards a sustainable future

BOOM Logistics recently demonstrated its commitment to a sustainable future, and community engagement, with a significant presence at Perth Garden and Outdoor Living Festival. With Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) paramount to the organisation, BOOM Logistics continues to prioritise environmental and social issues as well as corporate governance, says CEO Ben Pieyre.

“We chose to display our capabilities at the Perth Garden and Outdoor Living Festival because ESG and community engagement are very important to us as an organisation. BOOM Logistics is the only ASX-listed crane service provider in the Australian market. We are owned by Australians, we employ Australians, and we service Australian industry,” said Ben.

“The event provided us with an opportunity to explain how BOOM Logistics has been providing comprehensive project services and significant benefits to customers across a range of industries for 20 plus years.

“Our commitment to sustainability and reducing operational carbon emissions was at the forefront of this showcase. We wanted to demonstrate to our clients, suppliers, industry peers and the broader community that we are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact. We were focused on promoting the use of equipment that will help us de-carbonise the industries we service, like the crane we had on display, the fully hybrid Tadano AC 4.080-1, which is the first of its kind in the country,” said Ben.

Industry is changing and there is increasing expectation that leading service providers like BOOM Logistics will provide customers with the latest technology, which will contribute to the reduction of carbon footprints.

Showcasing its commitment to a sustainable future, Boom Logistics displayed its fully hybrid Tadano AC 4.080-1. This commitment was further solidified by a “Sundowner” event on Friday, May 10, with Ben saying the event was a “significant milestone” for Boom Logistics.

“Boom Logistics is always looking at innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint. We thought the show was perfect to showcase the features of the AC4.80-1 and the e-PACK technology. With the e-PACK connected, the functions of the crane were perfect, with the only difference being how quiet it was in the cabin,” said Ben.

“On the Friday evening, we invited visitors to attend our Sundowners event which was a significant milestone event for BOOM Logistics. We were able to demonstrate that as the world is changing, so is BOOM Logistics. By showcasing our fully hybrid Tadano AC4.080-1, we were demonstrating our commitment to leading the industry to a carbon neutral future.

“As we move forward with our customers, we are committed to finding new ways to reduce our environmental footprint and we are investing in technology that allows greener operations. We are also developing new ways to service our customers that align with their sustainable goals,” said Ben.

“We were delighted with the response to the Sundowner event and also our presence at the Perth Garden and Outdoor Living Festival. For many visitors, seeing a crane up close and personal for the first time was quite an experience. We underestimated the interest we would generate.

“As part of message regarding a sustainable future we planned to give away 1000 Australian native saplings, thinking this would cover the duration of the event. They were in high demand, and we ran out by the third day,” he said.
The Tadano AC 4.080-1 was lifting an Evergreen Oak tree which had a height of 14.4m, a weight of one tonne and lifting at a radius of approximately five metres, says Anthony Hunt, Maintenance Manager for Boom Logistics.

“The configuration we used for this lift included 9.2t of counterweight, with 14.4m of boom, which meant the crane was lifting at about 45 per cent of its charts. The only challenge we had with this job was actually freeing the crane up, it’s a very popular crane within our fleet,’ he said.

“When Tadano heard we were having the AC 4.AC80-1 on display at the Perth Garden and Outdoor Living Festival, they couldn’t do enough for us. They were the first ones to reach out and provide training for our operators to ensure that the e-PACK and was connected correctly and operating properly. They also offered transport and assistance in getting the cranes and associated equipment to the show.

“The professionalism and commitment to customer service is really apparent throughout Tadano’s departments. This includes parts through to repairs, maintenance and technical support. I can’t say enough good things about Tadano,” said Anthony.

Boom Logistics’ Tadano AC 4.080-1 is equipped with Tadano’s E-pack, a mobile electric crane power system – and the first in Australia to have one. The E-pack is capable of powering the superstructure of a Tadano crane without using its diesel engine, instead using a 400v/63a connection to connect to the power grid at a worksite.

Furthermore, the electro-hydraulic E-pack can be quickly connected to a wide variety of Tadano AC cranes, featuring an integrated electric motor that allows for zero-emission crane operation while significantly reducing noise levels.

The Tadano AC 4.080-1 features a maximum lifting capacity of 80 tonnes, a maximum tip height of 69m, and a maximum load radius of 48m.

Boom Logistics possesses a large fleet of mobile crawler, and pick and carry cranes ranging from five tonnes through to 800 tonnes in capacity.

The Tadano AC 4.080-1 was lifting an Evergreen Oak tree which had a height of 14.4m, a weight of one tonne and was lifting at a radius of approximately five metres.

Image: Boom Logistics


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