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Boom Logistics acquire new XCMG XGC320 through WA dealer Ronco

Lester Fernandez, the GM of Boom Logistics – West Coast, has purchased a new XCMG XGC320 crawler crane through WA dealer Ronco.

Boom Logistics has made the decision to purchase a new XCMG XGC320. General Manager of Boom Logistics – West Coast Lester Fernandez discusses the reasons for purchasing the crane, the brand’s reputation and the allure of working for the ASX-listed company.

In the rapidly evolving world of crane services, keeping pace with industry innovations is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Companies that fail to adapt are left behind, while those that embrace change set the standards. One company embodying this is Boom Logistics.

Since its inception, Boom Logistics has been at the forefront of the crane industry in Australia. With a reputation built on trust, precision and a consistent record of selecting top-tier machinery, Boom has carved a niche as the market leaders in crane services. Boom’s recent purchase of the XCMG XGC320 underscores its commitment to stay ahead of industry trends.

The decision to invest in XCMG’s crawler crane wasn’t made overnight. Lester Fernandez, General Manager at Boom Logistics, shared the company’s rationale, labelling the choice as “strategic”.

Lester Fernandez, the GM of Boom Logistics – West Coast, has purchased a new XCMG XGC320 crawler crane through WA dealer Ronco.
Lester Fernandez, Boom Logistics’ General Manager of the West Coast.

“Analysing all operational and financial metrics, the XGC320 emerged as the best fit for our needs,” he said. “The crane’s robust post-sales service support, outstanding quality and cost-effectiveness made it the ideal choice for the company’s fleet.”

The XCMG crawler crane’s introduction signifies more than just a machinery acquisition; it heralds Boom Logistics’ readiness to meet the future demands of the industry. As the crane industry grapples with the challenges of sustainability, cost-efficiency and technological advancements, the XCMG machine promises to address these issues head-on. Lester, with his broad experience in the crane industry, recognises the sector’s challenges and opportunities. 

“The crane industry is demanding. It requires successful companies to operate at their very best,” he says. “Every piece of machinery we invest in, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.”

For Boom, it’s not just about procuring new machinery; Lester speaks about the spirit of innovation that runs deep within the company. 

“We don’t just acquire; we innovate,” he says. “The introduction of the XCMG XGC320 is a manifestation of our commitment to innovate and set new industry standards.”

With the XCMG crawler crane set to be operational by mid-November, industry experts are keeping a keen eye on Boom Logistics. There’s a palpable excitement about how this new addition and the other recent changes will reshape operations, not just for Boom Logistics, but for the industry at large.

In the ever-dynamic landscape of crane services, having a sturdy hand at the helm is crucial. As discussed in the August edition of Cranes and Lifting, the company is now starting to place itself at the forefront of social issues when it comes to its ESG initiatives. Lester points to the company being a “new and rejuvenated” one over the past few years, especially after changes that resulted in Ben Pieyre being appointed as permanent CEO in June this year.

“The biggest catalyst for change is working with good people,” says Lester. “For me, Boom ticks all the boxes in that space; I’m surrounded by competent, driven people who possess a good character, which I believe is very important at the leadership level.”

Being the only crane company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange is no mean feat. Boom isn’t merely seeking to maintain its market leadership; the company aspires to set the gold standard for the industry. 

“Our goals stretch beyond revenue,” Lester elaborates. “We’re pioneering ESG initiatives, striving for a sustainable future while ensuring top-tier service.”

The recent introduction of the XGC320, the new XCMG crawler crane, is a testament to this forward-thinking strategy. While its European counterparts may be more recognised in the industry, the XCMG stands out not only for its competitive price point but also for its outstanding post-sales service and the robust partnership with distributor heavyweights like Ronco. It’s this focus on quality, backed by sound economic reasoning, that has allowed Boom Logistics to consistently deliver stellar results.

Lester Fernandez, the GM of Boom Logistics – West Coast, has purchased a new XCMG XGC320 crawler crane through WA dealer Ronco.
Boom’s new crawler crane has a capacity of 320 tonnes, and a lattice boom that can be configured from 22m-88m long.

“What sets Ronco aside from other distributors, dealers, and service operators is that, in my hour of need, I hold full confidence in Ronco to answer my call and work with me to find a solution,” he says. “Buying a new product and knowing that there’s a warehouse and depo in Karratha, spare parts, and technical assistance on standby is really important to me,” he continues. “It’s a credit to XCMG and the thought the people in charge gave to appointing the dealers responsible for its products in Australia.”

Early adopters in the crane domain, such as Lester, alongside distribution agents like Robert Smith of RONCO, are now looking at brands like XCMG in a new light. The trajectory of XCMG mirrors that of Asian automotive brands from decades ago, which evolved from underdogs to leaders in their respective segments.

Lester, shedding light on Boom Logistics’ decision to opt for XCMG, says: “our commitment is rooted deeply in safety, service, quality, and performance. The XGC320 choice, backed by thorough market analysis, symbolises these values.”

With its strategic affiliations and a passion-driven team, Boom Logistics is perfectly poised for growth. As the XGC320 becomes operational, all eyes will be on how this new asset performs within the crane service industry.

However, machinery is just a part of the equation. It’s the cohesive vision, shared by the leadership and every member of the Boom Logistics family, that promises a brighter future for the crane industry. This unity, combined with their tireless pursuit of innovation, ensures that Boom Logistics remains a formidable force in the sector.

“Our journey with the XGC320 is just the beginning,” says Lester. “We’re exploring multiple avenues, pushing our boundaries, and constantly redefining what it means to be at the forefront of the crane service industry.”


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